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Blade of Justice

Perform 25 special stealth kills with the knife

Blade of Justice0
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09 Nov 2015 13 Nov 2015
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We did this just a bit into the Acropolis -- there's a checkpoint you can milk for kills. Note you need to have unlocked the Deadly Force skill from the Brawler skill tree to perform the knife stealth kills.
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d4rk antaresI always eliminate with the axe by pressing Y , i have unlocked the knife but dont know how to kill with it ??
Posted by d4rk antares on 12 Nov 15 at 19:08
xxx iFIGHT xxxYeah seriously, how do you kill with the knife??
Posted by xxx iFIGHT xxx on 13 Nov 15 at 17:46
PowerUpSolution Edited above. You need the Deadly Force Skill unlocked.
Posted by PowerUp on 13 Nov 15 at 23:05
oO BouB OoI've the deadly force skill unlocked and it's doesn't work .....
Posted by oO BouB Oo on 19 Nov 15 at 23:56
oO BouB OoOk i find ......the probleme is : when you replay the level "acropolis", you haven't the ability unlock even if you have it in your main save..... So you just need to select a card that allows you acquire the tow first level of the good skill
Posted by oO BouB Oo on 20 Nov 15 at 00:13
AHuge RedDragonOr just play Chapter Replay Elite which lets you replay the level with all your skills and equipment
Posted by AHuge RedDragon on 03 Dec 15 at 00:59