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…The Harder They Fall

Kill 5 Giant Creatures

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Der GoleDer Gole200,357
13 Nov 2015 30 Nov 2015
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It seems that you have to get the Killing Blow, so you are the one who kills it.
Also the achievement seems to be glitched, like many others, as people are not getting it even if they have killed 5 or more giants. (Mirelurk Queens and Behemoths)

Just found this video - not mine, but I think it's useful.
It's PS4, but the game should be the same.

Credit goes to HarryNinetyFour

There are more then just those in this video.
-At Swans Lake (north of the Combat Zone) there is Swan (Behemoth).
-You find a ML Queen during the Minute Men questline
-You find a Behemoth during the Brotherhood of Steel questline
-You find a ML Queen at Murkwater Construction Site (Thanks to B MAN LIVINLAUT and his solution)
-A ML Queen is on Spectacle Island after you turn the power back on
-A ML Queen is found in the State House
-There is a Behemoth south of Walden Pond

Thanks to all those people in the comments who pointed some things out.
WhoElseButDNGreat guide!
Posted by WhoElseButDN on 13 Nov 15 at 17:39
ASquishyHamsterGreat guide. Added note though that there is one during the mission Show no Mercy for the steel brotherhood that you kill there.
Posted by ASquishyHamster on 13 Nov 15 at 18:49
SashamorningAccording to the Prima guide, Mirelurk Queens also count. One of these is through the Minuteman quest line.
Posted by Sashamorning on 14 Nov 15 at 07:21
IllustriousYetiFirst behemoth isn't there for me, wtf.
Posted by IllustriousYeti on 14 Nov 15 at 13:55
Jezza69Hmm, killed them all plus the ML Queen and no achievement.
Posted by Jezza69 on 14 Nov 15 at 15:50
Der GoleIt seems that you have to get the "Killing Blow", so you are literally the one who kills it.
Posted by Der Gole on 14 Nov 15 at 16:02
Jezza69That sucks if its the case. I hope they respawn...
Posted by Jezza69 on 15 Nov 15 at 01:04
Jezza69So I tried again last night as I had a save before the ML Queen. Dropped a bunch of Nuke Mines where she spawned. Heard the bang, didn't even see it pop out of the water, achievement unlocked :)
Posted by Jezza69 on 15 Nov 15 at 11:15
EndurableFall52I got this after killing a Mirelurk Queen, so they count.
Posted by EndurableFall52 on 16 Nov 15 at 18:21
FrankCastle747Killed 7 alone and still no joy.
Posted by FrankCastle747 on 17 Nov 15 at 04:52
Der GoleSome cheevos seem to glitch as well - I got the Level 10 achievement while beeing idle at level 16.
I wish it would work properly. :-/
(I already have killed 5 myself, too - but nothing)
Posted by Der Gole on 17 Nov 15 at 17:25
CanadianWhizKidGot mine at 5 kills- Mirelurk Queen and 4 Behemoths. If you can't find the creature, just run around the area, they are probably roaming not too far way.
Posted by CanadianWhizKid on 20 Nov 15 at 00:15
Credit should be added to the video if it's not yours.
Posted on 20 Nov 15 at 13:45
Der GoleLeft lower corner of the Thumbnail of the video. :-)
Posted by Der Gole on 21 Nov 15 at 07:44
matdanSo Mirelurk Kings count as-well? Or only Queens? I know I killed 3/4 Behemoths and 2/3 Queens.

As a note if you complete the Liberty Prime mission where he burns a hole to the Institute, afterwards you can find the two Behemoths in the same area along the path Prime takes. For some reason all Behemoths, Synths and Raiders respawned.
Posted by matdan on 21 Nov 15 at 16:29
Der GoleOnly Queens.
I finally got it after killing all those in this video, the ones in the MM and BoS questlines and the one from the other solution.

I took my "Big Boy" and nuked them away without any companion.
Posted by Der Gole on 21 Nov 15 at 17:49
Calex dEUSThanks popped after I killed the 1st one in the video. Already had the other ones.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 21 Nov 15 at 22:31
Echo YinBetter do this in one shot, otherwise the game will not register you killed these giant creatures. For me at least. I kill a Behemoth in your video before. Then I followed this video and killed the other 4 creatures. Achievement didn't pop. Then I followed the second solution where the Mierlurk queen is, and killed her. I got this achievement. I killed the huge special Deathclaw in Museum of Witchcraft and Mierlurk queen in the Castle before, it seems they also didn't count if I didn't do it in one shot.
Posted by Echo Yin on 22 Nov 15 at 17:07
MXR5150Does it count if the mysterious stranger shows up and kills them while you're in v.a.t.s.? So far both Mirelurk Queens I've killed have been due to the mysterious stranger.
Posted by MXR5150 on 22 Nov 15 at 23:22
Der GoleCan't tell for sure, but as far as I know, he counts as "you", so it shouldn't be a problem. To be safe though, I would try it without him.
Or just nuke them without V.A.T.S.
Posted by Der Gole on 23 Nov 15 at 04:50
Maxumilli0nThere's a mirelurk queen also on spectacle island southeast side of the map, there's also a bobble head there. There's a shipewrecked boat once you activate the power on the boat she'll pop up. Scared the Shit outta me!
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 23 Nov 15 at 16:17
Der GoleAdded that one. Thanks.
Posted by Der Gole on 23 Nov 15 at 16:42
hunterIVGot it in 5 having about 40 hours of gameplay between two different kills.
Posted by hunterIV on 23 Nov 15 at 21:35
LizardKingLXXXIThanks for posting this helpful guide
Posted by LizardKingLXXXI on 24 Nov 15 at 14:33
risselessThere's a mirelurk queen in the State House off Boston Common as well.
Posted by risseless on 24 Nov 15 at 16:56
MXR5150Thank you, and you're right that Mysterious Stranger can kill them too. He killed 3 out of my 5.
Posted by MXR5150 on 25 Nov 15 at 03:07
matdanThere are two more ML Queens in the bottom part of the map in the marshes, I found one near the lighthouse and the other near a boat further along.
Posted by matdan on 26 Nov 15 at 07:52
ChunkzUnlimitedi killed 4 today, the behemoth during the BoS quest, the swan and 2 ML queens (state house and murkwater) this is after having killed the ML queen from the minutemen quest line a couple of days ago.. No achievement so i decided to go for one more, which made it 5 in one sitting, so I went for the one on spectacle island, killed it achievement unlocked.
Posted by ChunkzUnlimited on 26 Nov 15 at 10:55
MCRECORDS24that video guide really awesome and got it thanks.headspin
Posted by MCRECORDS24 on 28 Nov 15 at 18:37
The KilometersKilled Swan and ML queen for the minutemen. Roughly 30 hours of game play later, killed three from the video and it popped just fine.
Posted by The Kilometers on 29 Nov 15 at 07:14
DravenmaynardI don't know if it's been listed but there's a behemoth south of walden pond surrounded by a ring of cars & another one west of natick fighting a deathclaw
Posted by Dravenmaynard on 29 Nov 15 at 23:31
Der GoleIt's the first in the video - but I add it anyway for all those people not liking a videoguide. :-)
Posted by Der Gole on 30 Nov 15 at 04:49
wolfzero01might be random, but I found a behemoth near the Suffolk County Charter School
Posted by wolfzero01 on 30 Nov 15 at 19:05
speedkilla benit worked for me but there was no notification
thnx for the video
Posted by speedkilla ben on 01 Dec 15 at 03:52
Raven 80 NLI encountered a ML Queen near Salem. Might have something to do with a quest that starts there, but I didn't start the quest or arrived in Salem to get it to appear. Walked in from the Witchcraft museum to Salem when I encountered it.
Posted by Raven 80 NL on 01 Dec 15 at 07:37
PoiaI was sure to had kill 5 giant but 1 steal from my companion.
Get the achiv. Killing the first giant show in this video. Thx
Posted by Poia on 01 Dec 15 at 10:21
PedroVital16Does save and restart work?
Posted by PedroVital16 on 06 Dec 15 at 00:18
luminosity815great guide thanks!
Posted by luminosity815 on 06 Dec 15 at 02:54
Der GoleNo, saving and restarting won't work, same with the lockpicking and hacking achievements.
Posted by Der Gole on 06 Dec 15 at 09:05
EscapeTheApeCan confirm I met a Behemoth just NW of Suffolk County Charter School and also the Behemoth west of Natick Banks...partying with the local Deathclaws.
Posted by EscapeTheApe on 14 Dec 15 at 09:40
KleyMatticMy advice is don't waste your mini nukes use the Overseer's Guardian from Vault 81 with a .308 receiver mod on it. It is OP and will destroy almost any enemy in seconds.
Posted by KleyMattic on 16 Dec 15 at 15:44
Recon1O1Behemoth SE of Shaw High which is E of Fallon's Dept. Store. In the fens near a church full of mutants. Thanks DG et. al.

Popped after 4 in playthrough 2 so it must have counted the MLQ from the Minuteman quest in my first playthrough but not counted the Behemoth S of Walden Pond when I killed it again in pt 2. So for the second time. If that makes sense. Just guessin. Can anyone confirm?
Posted by Recon1O1 on 19 Dec 15 at 14:38
LadyNova01Great guide but you may want to add that even if you are not doing the Minuteman Quest where you have to liberate the Castle you can still go there and kill most of the Mirelurks & Eggs and the Mirelurk Queen will spawn naturally. No need to do the MM quest if you're just looking to get this one
Posted by LadyNova01 on 01 Jan 16 at 20:02
Nyancat7It seems to be bugged. So far I have killed Swan , the ML queen in the minutemen questline , the ML queen on Spectacle Island , the Behemoth at Walden's Pond , the one at Fort Strong and one random one in the West of the Commonwealth but still no achievement :/
Posted by Nyancat7 on 04 Jan 16 at 23:09
GordonDogKingI agree with Nyancat that this one is buggy. I have killed seven giants and no cheev. Could not tell if I had the "killing shot" on all of them, but am fairly sure the bulk of the damage came from my weapons. Why would Bethesda bother with complicated coding for something trivial like this? Why not "you do some damage and it dies--it counts as a kill" instead.
Posted by GordonDogKing on 05 Jan 16 at 18:30
GordonDogKingSo then the very same day from the above comment, I "help" kill the 8th giant and the achievement pops. Go figure--maybe posting in TA is the key wink. It was the Mirelurk Queen at Muckwater Cons. Site.
Posted by GordonDogKing on 06 Jan 16 at 08:19
Fist O CthulhuThere's another ML Queen near Revere Beach Station. Walk south along the beach (east side) towards a small destroyed building by a dock. She'll pop out of the water.
Posted by Fist O Cthulhu on 12 Jan 16 at 23:31
Strykerz911So after killing 7 giant creatures, this achievement still hasn't unlocked for me. When I look at the achievement progress, it shows locked, but it is 100%. Anyone know how to make it unlock from there? I tried resetting the game.
Posted by Strykerz911 on 15 Jan 16 at 15:42
Strykerz911Well I unlocked the achievement. It happened when I was at work and my Xbox was off! I noticed my gamerscore rise and that was the reason.
Posted by Strykerz911 on 16 Jan 16 at 12:09
RarelyBasicI CAN CONFIRM THAT if the mysterious stranger does show up and give the killing shot, it will be counted. The mysterious stranger showed up, killed the behemoth I was fighting, and the achievement popped.
Posted by RarelyBasic on 22 Jan 16 at 17:04
UltraAmbiguousDirectly West of Natick Banks, at the top of the hill, is an electrical power station. I found one Behemoth there, but be careful as the area also contained five Deathclaws and one Glowing Deathclaw.
Posted by UltraAmbiguous on 08 Feb 16 at 12:40
UltraAmbiguousI saw a Glowing Behemoth between Suffolk County Charter School and Gunners Plaza.
Posted by UltraAmbiguous on 09 Feb 16 at 01:54
Page DaemonThese are all great tips on where to find Giant Creatures. Thanks everyone! +1
Posted by Page Daemon on 27 Feb 16 at 03:33
RyanMpwnzI had killed maybe 10-15 giant creatures, still no achievement. I decided to just grind this out, so I killed 5 in one sitting and once I killed the 5th in that sitting it unlocked. Not sure if that applies to everybody, but that is what finally made it pop for me.
Posted by RyanMpwnz on 12 Mar 16 at 07:19
JamezWestThank you!
Posted by JamezWest on 31 Mar 16 at 22:42
ChiefMeleeI found a Behemoth south of Boston Mayoral Shelter and a MQueen between Salem and the Fishpacking plant.
Posted by ChiefMelee on 19 Apr 16 at 03:06
I Stic12 IFound a Behemoth very close to Super Duper Mart. It was right in front of me when i teleported there.
Posted by I Stic12 I on 05 May 16 at 11:20
JewlezDoes the nuka-lurk queen count in the nuka world dlc? She is my 5th giant kill but no achievement.
Posted by Jewlez on 24 Nov 16 at 15:32
Warboy925If you have the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, there is a ML Queen in Vault 88

Also, if you go with the BOS ending, when you are following Liberty Prime, there is a Behemoth on the way...thats how I got it to pop!!!

Great Guide, plus one from me!!

Edit: Actually there are 2 Behemoths on the way to the Institute......
Posted by Warboy925 on 15 Jun 17 at 20:28