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Golden Child

Complete every level in Score Attack with a gold score

Golden Child+0.3
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Pvt TukerPvt Tuker588,572
13 Nov 2015
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There are 2 main types of levels, challenge tombs and infiltrate/kill everyone levels.

I did all levels on survivor difficulty. The most important thing for all levels is keeping your multiplier up. (Collect wisps, resources, shoot lanterns and kill stuff) speed is not necessary once the bonus points run out the penalty increase is slow.

The tombs are generally easier especially knowing the puzzle going in. I used the cards that gave the highest multiplier (except for hold X to hang from ledges). Once you have a decent multiplier the lanterns you shoot are generally enough for to get gold.

For infiltrate missions the cards I used were, no health regen, no ammo boxes, weaker pistol, more damage from explosions, and big headed enemies. (Gives 295% bonus) I recommend working out how many points you need before the multiplier so you know how your going, completing the level uses up your cards but restarting doesn't.
Big headed enemies makes this significantly easier as you can usually headshot people in cover and you can headshot shielded enemies over the top of their shield.
Dying does not matter too much, the points penalty is small (-300) as long as you at some point put together a nice combo you should be able to get gold.
is there a permanent "big head enemies" card?

do you know which card pack carries "big head enemies"?
Posted on 14 Nov 15 at 05:42
Pvt TukerYes there is a permanent version of the card. I only ever bought bronze packs.
Posted by Pvt Tuker on 14 Nov 15 at 07:17
ha! I had been buying the challenge and wild packs - I opened 1 bronze pack and got the permanent enemy big head. thx :)
Posted on 14 Nov 15 at 07:44
Fuzzmeister JI've been looking for info on this. Thanks! It does not sound too bad, just time consuming.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 14 Nov 15 at 12:25
MulticronXThis method worked for me several times. I tried using it for Chamber of Souls and the damn game keeps crashing. Help?
Posted by MulticronX on 12 Dec 15 at 17:01
EstocoImoMulticronX: I have the exact same problem with the game crashing on Chamber of Souls. Does it work for you now? I cant seem to get it work for me right now.
Posted by EstocoImo on 28 Dec 15 at 13:19
N7 TiggerHow many levels are there? The top of the leaderboard all have 29 gold. I can only count 27. But even though I have only earned 7 gold medals it says I have 9. Is this just a bug?
Posted by N7 Tigger on 20 Jan 16 at 18:24