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Made 5 variant Piñatas

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14 Jan 2009
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To get a variant piñata, you have to feed it something.

Here are the list of 5 species that would be some of fastest residents:

Total 15 Variants possible of these i listed, so you should be able to get 5 of these.

Purple: Turnip
Green: Watercress seed
Red: Water Lily seed

Yellow: Buttercup seed
Purple: Blackberry seed
Green: Poison Ivy flowerhead

Pink: Water Lily flower
Green: Watercress flower
Purple: Thistle flowerhead

Candary: (Evolved from Sparrowmint feeding it a buttercup)
Pink: Water Lily seed
Blue: Bluebell
Green: Gooseberry

Yellow: Pumpkin
Green: Gooseberry seed
Pink: Water Lily flower
Crimson DrifterGood stuff, I just made similar guide on the Master Variant achievement, nice work!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 20 Jan 09 at 07:02
Dark Cell NZSweet this'll make it easier.
Posted by Dark Cell NZ on 07 Mar 09 at 03:58
WanderSoul923What about the White Flutterscotch? Does that not count? I've made all of the different colors of Flutterscotch and no achievement.
Posted by WanderSoul923 on 01 Jul 11 at 20:25
kheopsFlutterscotch don't count for this achievement
Posted by kheops on 06 Feb 13 at 17:14