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A cunning warrior

Reach level 3 once with any Trait (Multiplayer)

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18 Nov 2015 31 Oct 2017
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***This has changed since I played it last, lots of valuable info in the comments for the completion of this achievement.***

Okay Traits are first unlocked at Rank 15
This means grind your way though multiplayer till then.
Once you hit 15, buy the card; this will be "Bodyguard", "Scout" or "Survivalist" each one costing 7,000 credits and equip it to your character.
Leveling the card to level 3 has to be done in one life and you need a certain amount of kills to level it each time.

Personally I found that using the "Scout" trait was best as it allowed me to move around the map sprinting without being seen on the radar.

3 kills to level 2
Further 3 kills to level 3

I recommend doing this on blast as the objective is to get kills and that's what your trying to do. Walker assault and supremacy were recommended by A Krayt Dragon and Black Man 8698 for the large amounts of players and longer time limits.

> Rank 15 minimum
> 7,000 credits minimum
> "Scout" (recommended)
> Blast or walker assault (recommended)
ShutTheCakeHoleLove it! Thanks for the direct guide. I will try it out tonight +1
Posted by ShutTheCakeHole on 19 Nov 15 at 14:36
Black Man 8698walker assault and supremacy will be good for people who are not really good at blast
Posted by Black Man 8698 on 20 Nov 15 at 01:12
A Krayt DragonYou need 10 kills total to get a Trait to Level 3. I also recommend doing this with Scout as it helps you rack up kills without being noticed, however I'd recommend doing Walker Assault as there are tons of players on the map, which makes getting the kills easier. Plus, you have a longer amount of time to try and get the kills, whereas Blast matches tend to end quickly.
Posted by A Krayt Dragon on 20 Nov 15 at 08:47
B3ANAdded it to the solution, thanks. Let me know if someone finds out the amount of kills needed for level 2.
Posted by B3AN on 20 Nov 15 at 09:13
ORO ERICIUSThats not correct. You need 6 Kills to get a Trait to Level 3.
3 Kills for Level 2 and 6 Kills for level 3. Have done it 5min ago in Walker Assault. I recommend to play Endor Walkerassault because of the vegetation where you can hide in. Greets
Posted by ORO ERICIUS on 20 Nov 15 at 18:55
The SCHWARTZ 00This achievement is kicking my ass. I always get 5 straight kills then inevitably some dickwad kills me.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 24 Nov 15 at 14:39
B3ANDo it with some friends, get someone to watch your back.
Posted by B3AN on 24 Nov 15 at 22:53
The SCHWARTZ 00ok I just got it!

My strategy was to unlock the Homing Shot card and I equipped the T-21b sniper/zoom rifle. I hung waaaay back from one of the capture points on Supremacy and got a bunch of distance kills while my teammates rushed ahead. Still not easy to do but it worked for me.

Also, you can try doing this on Droid Run. I actually got to Tier 3 without even trying just now while playing a match. I had the absolutely op'd DL-44 blaster and got like 8 straight kills. I find this mode to be easier to get the achievement as its only 6v6 and the maps are much smaller. Plus, everyone is running around trying to capture droids so you don't have to worry too much about some random fuckhead sniping you from halfway across the map.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 26 Nov 15 at 19:18
Xenolith666so you're saying.. watch out for random fuckheads.. got it! laugh
Posted by Xenolith666 on 27 Nov 15 at 23:37
The SCHWARTZ 00Yes, fuckheads are the worst!
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 28 Nov 15 at 09:09
Jonny1872Git mine on Walker Assault on Tatooine map by staying near the back and using the T21-B rifle
Posted by Jonny1872 on 18 Dec 15 at 16:11
stevezep19Thanks Schwartz!
Posted by stevezep19 on 05 Mar 16 at 04:59
shushhhThis just unlocked for me when I was level 14. I was playing the outer rim playlist. Must be some glitch.
Posted by shushhh on 24 Mar 16 at 12:16
VahliyaJust unlocked for me right now, and I'm Rank 4 o_O
Posted by Vahliya on 25 Mar 16 at 23:00
Stevo6483I think this must be glitchy in your favour at the moment as I unlocked this before I had any traits (think I was level 12 or 13). I was playing Cargo in the Hangar level and camped our base with the scout pistol and impact grenades equipped in my hand. Got a lot of kills and pistol streaks and somehow the cheevo popped.
Posted by Stevo6483 on 29 Mar 16 at 15:20
Dark Death 90I just got this while playing randomly and I was level 5. :P
Posted by Dark Death 90 on 03 Apr 16 at 01:55
BobabaccaJust unlocked for me playing Extraction. That final part before the end you can get a lot of players grouped together
Posted by Bobabacca on 14 May 16 at 19:26
Was I That BadI was going for the spawn x times using a parters card setup and they happened to have a trait and it popped for me when I went on a kill streak.
Posted by Was I That Bad on 19 Dec 16 at 18:50
JodmeisterHaving got this achievement and also hit it a few times after as well I don't think it is entirely based on kills. The match I reached level 3 on last night I didn't have enough kills in the entire match to theoretically hit the level needed. However what I did have was enough pod captures and bacta heals, so I think it is more related to a points accumulation in one life rather than just kills.
Posted by Jodmeister on 24 Dec 16 at 12:00
x SNAKE5 xI think the comment above is right, it's more like 6 kills (or similar total points) from level 2 to 3 as I've had 5 and not got level 3. The solution posted needs to be updated to reflect that.
Posted by x SNAKE5 x on 05 Jan 17 at 23:46
SolidTooth3160Outdated solution!!!! It takes more like 10 kills to level 2, ended match with 14 kills and no cheivo!!!
Posted by SolidTooth3160 on 12 Sep 17 at 12:21
Warboy925Not to be picky lol, but I just noticed this and I did a double posted, "This has changed since I played it last, lost of valuable info in the comments"

Shouldn't LOST be; LOTS???
Posted by Warboy925 on 31 Oct 17 at 20:13
DirtyHarry1308Looking to complete any online acheivements if anyone still on this hit me up
Posted by DirtyHarry1308 on 24 May 18 at 10:56