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Four of a Kind

Complete Champions Quest: Void Storm without dying with Karlsnor, Scarlett, Haakon, and Avalon

Four of a Kind+4.8
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19 Nov 2015 25 Jul 2016
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EDIT: This solution is specifically for beating the 2 Goblin Chieftains (chapter 1-5) with Karlsnor.

Original Solution: There is a more or less foolproof way to beat the Goblin Chieftains with Karlsnor.

Short: make the Goblin Chieftain get stuck where you came from, jump down and hope you'll hit him with X.

Long: When the first of the two Chieftain spawns, run back as much as you can and make the chieftain follow you. After the plant that tries to hit you, you can't go any further back, as the game will auto re-spawn you close to a bridge. Make the chieftain fall down the ledge. It's pretty easy, as the way is rather small. Once he is down, the Chieftain can easily be hit with the 3 ranged characters. BUT he can also be hit with Karlsnor. But it's not so consistent. I jumped down and rapidly pressed X. Every 5th or so jump, i hit the Chieftain once. Takes maybe 20-30 min, but better than restarting the whole chapter. I never got hurt. And you can't do much wrong, as the game auto re-spawns you before the Chieftain can hit you.

Video clip where you can see me hitting him twice:!1207&...

-Also this way I only had 1 Chieftain to spawn. No idea why.
EthelThis is a good strategy... thanks. Any tips on how to beat the Chieftain on 1-3 though?
Posted by Ethel on 05 Dec 15 at 12:43
CursedSaved me from having to run 1-5 with Karlsnor for a third time. Nice solution!
Posted by Cursed on 08 Dec 15 at 17:15
L4D II JoK3rPerfect, not sure why people are downvoting. As long as you can land on his head you can get about 3-4 attacks in, meaning this boss only took me 1 attempt at around 2-3 minutes! Thanks so much
Posted by L4D II JoK3r on 13 Feb 16 at 12:59
neeker75Only one Chieftain spawned too. No complaints.

If you drop down to the "groove" in between the gap, you can land several hits with Karlsnor. That was how I finished him off.
Posted by neeker75 on 30 Mar 16 at 15:29
CrAzEdCaNuCk18This works! To pass on some tips though, watch the video! Jump down the same spot just where there is a corner where the land narrows and time it to land close to his head.

Also don't move the camera! I tried maybe 35 jumps with no hits but when I didn't move the camera it was closer to every 2-4 jumps per hit depending on my timing.

Thanks for the solution toast
Posted by CrAzEdCaNuCk18 on 23 May 16 at 04:23
erod550This was great. Beat it on first try.
Posted by erod550 on 23 May 16 at 08:00
Tatersoup19Got multiple hits on him 100% of the time once I started landing on his head every time I jumped down.
Posted by Tatersoup19 on 01 Jun 16 at 15:51
LIWCAgreed, this is a classy solution. I found more success when the Chieftain went pink - the game seemed to let me land on his head for more time and smack him like a ginger stepchild. For those stuck on 1-3, I lured the Chieftain to the hole in the wall on the right side of the cave (right side as the cut scene starts). Stand on the side of the hole with the pink brazier (he's on the other side of the hole). Wait for him to do his roll attack - he'll roll into the holed wall and then be stunned. When he's stunned smack him good and proper. Retreat. Repeat. Pick up remains of dignity for cheesing it.
Posted by LIWC on 07 Jun 16 at 12:52
ChooseMyFateGosh doing this was horrible. But thanks, it was one thousand times better than replaying the level 100s of times.
Posted by ChooseMyFate on 11 Jun 16 at 13:57
Aj6627+1 for this solution. Make sure when you fall down you don't hit the side wall or you'll get put back up before being able to hit him. Once I got the hang of falling without hitting the side wall it was a piece of cake.
Posted by Aj6627 on 11 Jun 16 at 17:00
LPQS JUANMAThe goblin has gone 2 times and could not find it ...
Posted by LPQS JUANMA on 18 Jun 16 at 15:22
SwearySeanIs it possible to select an episode once you've beaten them all once?
Posted by SwearySean on 19 Jun 16 at 17:04
lfcjohnI try to follow the guide spam X when jump down but didn't quite work. After that when I jump down, I hit X when I just nearly touch the goblin, once hitted just spam X and finished him in 5 mins.
Posted by lfcjohn on 28 Jun 16 at 16:18
JodmeisterGetting the chieftain to follow you is a great tip. As an alternative to dropping down and doing the X attack, stay just above him on the ledge of the spiral ramp and use the jumping slam A then hold Y instead. The shock wave causes damage to the chieftain and you aren't forced to respawn.
Posted by Jodmeister on 05 Jul 16 at 08:51
Facial La FleurThis worked great, and took me less than 10 minutes. Once I landed on his head, I could get sometimes up to 4 hits in before being reset to the path above.
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 13 Jul 16 at 12:00
CPI Edson MotaJust sharing some information:
1) After finishing co-op with Karlsnor the achievement did't popped;
2) In co-op I got Coup d'état, so it's possible that it blocked this achievement somehow;
3) It unlocked after doing 1-3 solo as LIWC said;
4) I did it when Spark server was offline, so people may be able to get after the shutdown.
Posted by CPI Edson Mota on 11 Aug 16 at 05:26