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Complete all Challenge Tombs in one playthrough

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20 Nov 2015
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Just to confirm its one save, not one single play through (before you finish the game).

I just finished it, thinking that the last tomb would be the final area, but it wasn't, and came right back into the game after the credits and got the achievement after finishing the one I'd missed.
Tecstar70So just to clarify what you are saying, you have to complete all the Tombs while saving to a singe save slot. If you change your save slot at any point then this achievement won't pop?
Posted by Tecstar70 on 22 Nov 15 at 12:51
AmniosI can't say that for sure, as I didn't try it. However I've only ever saved to one save slot in the game and I got the achievement when I went back to do the final tomb after finishing the game.
Posted by Amnios on 22 Nov 15 at 12:57
Tecstar70Thanks. I have saved to multiple save slots so will confirm when I finish.
Posted by Tecstar70 on 22 Nov 15 at 22:21
Tecstar70I can confirm that you CAN use multiple save slots and still get this achievement.
Posted by Tecstar70 on 24 Nov 15 at 10:46
AmniosNice to know, I guess the "in one playthrough" relates to you doing on the tombs in a single game, rather than X tombs in one playthough and then doing the remaining tombs in another one.
Posted by Amnios on 24 Nov 15 at 10:48
Posted by Tecstar70 on 25 Nov 15 at 13:22
xxx iFIGHT xxxI think it glitched in me, I did all the tombs and even got the mission reward and still no achievement. Anybody have this happen??
Posted by xxx iFIGHT xxx on 26 Nov 15 at 23:36
saeper@ xxx iFIGHT xxx that happened to me too, have you solved it?
Posted by saeper on 28 Nov 15 at 15:58
Orangeflav0rI did all tombs in same playthrough, i came back after finished the main story tho, and the achievement didnt pop?! Did all nine
Posted by Orangeflav0r on 29 Nov 15 at 22:49
pee2k9Looks like this is glitched for me as well. Stuck at 88%. Went to all the tombs already.

I only use one save file and did not do anything else but following the story.

The cistern tomb is still highlighted on the map, but the total counter for the region says 3/3 tombs :(
Posted by pee2k9 on 30 Nov 15 at 21:53
King fiShiZSame here 88%
Posted by King fiShiZ on 11 Dec 15 at 21:48
StandbyMercedi have the same problem with the Ancient Cistern, I'm stuck at 88%.
Is white and is not grey out. I got 100% percent of the game.
Posted by StandbyMerced on 15 Dec 15 at 15:33
VinexNikeI also have the 88% problem with this achievement. Like others, the Ancient Cistern tomb still has an icon on the map, but the map legend says all tombs have been completed. It seems that there is no current fix for this. :(
Posted by VinexNike on 01 Jan 16 at 03:26
Captain BlueyI also have completed all the tombs, but it is stuck at 88%.
Posted by Captain Bluey on 17 Jan 16 at 08:26
XRoth360I've completed all the tombs (100% confirmed) but the achievement isn't unlocked.. is a bug?
Posted by XRoth360 on 19 Jan 16 at 16:46
CF GaMeBReaKeRanybody figured out how to fix the 88% glitch?
Posted by CF GaMeBReaKeR on 03 Feb 16 at 16:50
faultrdI've also got the 88% bug with the Cistern tomb not showing as completed.
Posted by faultrd on 14 Feb 16 at 19:16
QUEENLISSA29I am beyond pissed about this glitch. I have gotten my achievement for getting 100% completion and this cheevo is still stuck at 88%! UUGGHHH
Posted by QUEENLISSA29 on 02 Mar 16 at 16:32
r3volv3r789As of April 8th it still seems glitched. Anyone find a possible solution?
Posted by r3volv3r789 on 08 Apr 16 at 15:07
A1ien ABductEEIs there a fix yet? My achievement progress is saying 100%. It's been four days and still hasn't unlocked. Idk what to do
Posted by A1ien ABductEE on 13 Apr 16 at 21:18
Death AwakinAs of August 23rd/2016 this is glitched for me at 88% i also cannot finish the last side mission due to the fact the game failed to register i looted all the tombs. but if i check my map it says all tombs completed. Any news on a fix?
Posted by Death Awakin on 23 Aug 16 at 13:57
SavingFerrisstill no fix for this. really disappointed in Crystal Dynamics.
Posted by SavingFerris on 26 Dec 16 at 23:32
Yuka AyaseAs of August 19 2017 the achievement is still glitched and stuck at 88%
Posted by Yuka Ayase on 20 Aug 17 at 02:51
YaozersApril 23, 2018 still glitched 88%
Posted by Yaozers on 24 Apr 18 at 05:00
uyadaddyssonJune 30 2018, 88%. And its the Cistern tomb
Posted by uyadaddysson on 30 Jun 18 at 18:55
xaHDouSomeone with this solution of 88% tombs? 2018 and it's not been solved yet
Posted by xaHDou on 13 Aug 18 at 16:52
nirvana8193Yup. As of today, Aug, 19th, 2018. It is still glitched 88% for me. 😢
Posted by nirvana8193 on 18 Aug 18 at 23:30
Cpt Ch4osHurray.... At first it was stuck at 88% then I just waited a bit and it finally unlock.
Posted by Cpt Ch4os on 10 Sep 18 at 06:28
Lu Xun 280This one seems to have bugged the other way for me. I have it unlocked since 2016 when I did my first playthrough. Last month I started this game again and discovered a tomb on the map and completed it so I clearly hadn't finished all the tombs the first time i played the game.
Posted by Lu Xun 280 on 13 May at 15:18