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As a squad or solo, complete a level 30 or higher Void Exterminate mission with only headshots

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Ok so the easiest way to do this I found by accident.

You need 2 players for this method. What you want to do is have the host get a headshot, then player 2 runs through the game killing everyone else any way he or she wishes. You need to leave 1 enemy left, you(player2) then go to the dashboard, close Warframe and restart it. It will ask you once logged back in if you wish to reconnect to your lost party, say yes.
Once you re-join, headshot the last enemy...ignore Vor if he's there and run to extract. Since you "disconnected"...all enemies you killed no longer appear to count as the stats are whiped. So you and the host should only have 1 kill each and both are headshots.

Tested this, worked for me and my brother.

Note. I believe this needs to be done twice...I don't think the Host will get the achievement because to him the kills still count but they wont for the returning player because to him he's starting fresh.

Added tips and comments.

-Need 2 people
-Host doesn't get achievement
-Use Loki to stay invisible to make this really really easy
-Energy restores are useful to keep your energy up to stay cloaked or use Loki prime to get energy from death orbs.
-While you are player 2(not the host) make sure to destroy traps on your way through so the one guy you leave alive doesn't decide to take a stroll and walk into a death orb laser.
-Staying cloaked helps you keep away from annoying Corrupted Vor.
-Bring a good/strong headshot weapon and check after your kill to make sure it registered as this game seems to have issues with registering headshots from time to time.

-Obviously don't leave your 1 target left something like an Ancient, MOA, or Drone. Lancers and Corpus Crewman are the weakest and easier to headshot.

Goodluck and let me know if this is not working for you.
Jobberworked for me and a friend. cheese method ftw
Posted by Jobber on 21 Nov 15 at 13:01
JarheadwayneI wonder if this would work with 4 players, 3 drop out?
Posted by Jarheadwayne on 25 Nov 15 at 16:00
Snitty 1Awesome solution, thanks for posting this. Yes, it works with 3 players dropping out and rejoining, all 3 get the achievement.
Posted by Snitty 1 on 25 Nov 15 at 17:39
Mister Buds@Shadow 00 Fox: all the enemies can be killed and the other people will still be able to rejoin. This doesn't account for Corrupted Vor as we never killed him.
Posted by Mister Buds on 28 Nov 15 at 13:51
SalsbarWorked like a charm. Thanks!
Posted by Salsbar on 02 Dec 15 at 01:12
Kun Aguero FINWorked for me, cheers.
Posted by Kun Aguero FIN on 04 Dec 15 at 21:23
GeoKetchThis is definitely the way to go for this! It worked great for my wife and me.
Posted by GeoKetch on 07 Dec 15 at 20:37
xMegitsunexLet me know if anyone wanna help me out with this one...
Posted by xMegitsunex on 07 Dec 15 at 20:56
ChancePWLooking for a partner for this! PM ME
Posted by ChancePW on 20 Dec 15 at 23:18
studlybambiPiece of cake. Thanks for the solution.
Posted by studlybambi on 28 Dec 15 at 04:19
paul54734I need help with this can anyone help me?
Posted by paul54734 on 03 Jan 16 at 02:04
N3m3si5if anyone has a key we can do that (need two keys then) i start farming keys now
Posted by N3m3si5 on 10 Jan 16 at 11:03
N3m3si5this method got fixed. just tried it out. the guy that leaves will still see the kills from the host preventing him from getting the achievement
Posted by N3m3si5 on 10 Jan 16 at 17:34
WayzoftheRavenSo does this method still work? I have 1 Key.
Posted by WayzoftheRaven on 12 Jan 16 at 23:40
Crank ScopeI need help if someone else is going for this.
Posted by Crank Scope on 18 Jan 16 at 16:41
HumpyrtonIf you are having issues with host mitgration once you get the squad setup, have the host start the match with no one present, once they are in the game they invite everyone and kill NO ONE until all people are present. Once everyone is in, follow the steps above. My friend i boosted with is never the host due my internet being better, so if we started the match it would always migrate before we started and if I dashboarded it lost the key.
Posted by Humpyrton on 19 Jan 16 at 05:43
Markyshizzleive also confirmed that u can get the achievement if 4 people are in a match, u have them 2 of them get all the kills, and have 2 people get 1 headshot each... they simply dashboard out at the end and finish, and it pops, at least for player 2 it did. host already had it at that point
Posted by Markyshizzle on 19 Jan 16 at 11:40
Vengeful VoidCan anyone help me wink
Posted by Vengeful Void on 21 Jan 16 at 13:55
Crank ScopeStill works
Posted by Crank Scope on 22 Jan 16 at 22:23
OneShotMooflesI could use some help with this .
Posted by OneShotMoofles on 26 Jan 16 at 17:58
XerostomiaAny chance anyone can help me. I have some platinum (I think about 100 or so) that I could offer in exchange for your time and help.
Posted by Xerostomia on 06 Feb 16 at 21:55
NutriWhipLooking to get this done before the next update in case it fixes it. I don't have any keys but I do have about 50 plat for someone to run me through.
Posted by NutriWhip on 10 Mar 16 at 02:42
Dellfisi have two keys and want this achievement done
Posted by Dellfis on 16 Mar 16 at 08:10
BobabaccaWould love to get this done. Please feel free to add me
Posted by Bobabacca on 02 May 16 at 21:08
NarudianReally keen on getting this done, MSG me and we'll see if we can help each other.
Posted by Narudian on 05 Jun 16 at 17:58
KillrXnstnKstill works btw
Posted by KillrXnstnK on 29 Jun 16 at 20:59
octorok74Just helped someone get this with this method, so it still works.
Posted by octorok74 on 12 Jul 16 at 14:26
ikilledbeckaGave it to my friend who had no kills since he dashboard and I had the one kill that was a headshot and it did not unlock for me. Just my luck..
Posted by ikilledbecka on 24 Jan 17 at 10:32
ikilledbeckaGave it to my friend who had no kills since he dashboard and I had the one kill that was a headshot and it did not unlock for me. Just my luck..
Posted by ikilledbecka on 24 Jan 17 at 21:02
AnthroMetalCan confirm this still works.
Posted by AnthroMetal on 30 Jan 17 at 15:39
Hey BiggsThis method is still good
Posted by Hey Biggs on 26 Feb 17 at 20:17
AlmondRainCloudLooking for a partner on Xb1. Add me AlmondRainCloud
Posted by AlmondRainCloud on 04 Apr 17 at 03:17
Shadow of WordsLooking to run the tests. GT: Shadow Of Words
Posted by Shadow of Words on 08 Apr 17 at 05:00
PhenIX613As of today, 05/22/17, this exploit still works
Posted by PhenIX613 on 26 May 17 at 17:37
Slimebag44If anyone wants to complete this achievement.
Please message me. I have been trying for months to setup a session.
Posted by Slimebag44 on 05 Oct 17 at 18:07
oHIGHxINxAxBOXohillariously easy.. cant believe it. roflmao... I will still help others.. takes maybe 10 minutes max..
Posted by oHIGHxINxAxBOXo on 04 Nov 17 at 02:08
BelievedAxis660I need help with this achievement hit me up on here or Xbox if you're willing to help
Posted by BelievedAxis660 on 10 Dec 17 at 22:15
XCaptainMexicoI would also like help with this achievement. I don't have any friends on warfame that are around the same level as me.
Posted by XCaptainMexico on 18 Dec 17 at 04:38
Epilepsy SucksThis still works.
Posted by Epilepsy Sucks on 01 Mar 18 at 07:44
PerilousPWNStill works
Posted by PerilousPWN on 01 Aug 18 at 04:56
Uplink oo SevenStill works as of dec 26th 2019. Thumbs up thanks for help!
Posted by Uplink oo Seven on 26 Dec 19 at 21:07
H4NN4H2910I managed to get it solo, I used Limbo at the start of the level i managed to headshot an enemy, then I double tapped the LB so he goes into his detention where he can run around without taking damage. While staying in this form I lured enemies to laser plates & just waited it takes a lot of time but it worked completed the mission with only 1 kill.
Posted by H4NN4H2910 on 24 Apr 20 at 23:10
VestigialPlace0still works
Posted by VestigialPlace0 on 01 Jun 20 at 20:38
Mrbebob1Still works in 2021
Posted by Mrbebob1 on 14 May 21 at 23:23
Humphree Jonsoncan also confirm it still works. Takes some time, but works great. Thank you!
Posted by Humphree Jonson on 12 Jun 21 at 02:39
scmipakaStill works in 2022
Posted by scmipaka on 02 Apr at 23:36
pticodeWorks great.
You don't need Loki, if you have a strong warframe or the operator.
You can check the stats in game to make sure the host have 1 headshot of 1 kill.
If you have left the mission you will not be able to return but you can still leave the game and go back in.
Posted by pticode on 30 Sep at 22:23