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Win 1000 matches.

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Fatal x BladeFatal x Blade1,239,512
21 Jun 2010 21 Jun 2010
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I find that my way is faster no offense IKevIKev, it works similar to your way and less work is required especially if you do it by yourself with an extra xbox and copy of the game.

Host a custom Player Match, Death Match on Fate's Dam max players 2, private 2, time limit 5, score limit 20 map cycle off. Now the person going for the match wins grabs the grenade launcher faces the nearby door (note stand behind the grenade launcher spawn) and shoot through the door into the far back corner where your boosting buddy should be standing. He will die and continuously spawn back exactly where he died allowing you to reach the score limit of 20 within roughly 40 seconds if done correctly.

Not only will you get a match win but you will also get anywhere from 9-12kills a match making your boosting that much more efficient.

Also if your boosting buddy has a SFIV turbo controller he can just tape down the RT (spawn button) so he will instantly keep spawning allowing him the freedom to go do other activities such as sleeping while the other guy can boost match wins for as long as he likes since the matches will keep starting automatically in player matches.

I recieved my 10,000 kills at about 850 match wins. So you'll just have to grind out that last 150 wins which isn't bad, opposed to getting all 10,000kills then boosting your 1000 match wins.

Also this works for getting a double, triple, and quadruple kill with just 2 people.
DillagenceHow many hours did it take you to get this achievement though?
Posted by Dillagence on 27 Jun 10 at 02:49
Fatal x BladeI did it over the course of 3-4 days...and I probably clocked around 25 hours gametime just boosting myself with 2 xbox's...note I was watching TV shows while I did this so I wasn't concentrating fully on what I was doing
Posted by Fatal x Blade on 28 Jun 10 at 09:19
DivineWind72This is the best method, my buddy did it this way and its the way i will be doing it when i can bring myself to do it.
Posted by DivineWind72 on 05 Jul 10 at 13:26
X InFlames80 XFirst i want to Agree that this is Definitly the Fastest Way to boost the Kills & Wins.
For this Method the Approximate time = 23-25 Hours per Person * 2 = 46-50 Hrs.

10 Seconds for Loading the Match,20 Seconds Warmup, 40 Seconds for getting the Win , 10 Seconds watching the Stats screen, +5 Seconds overall = ~85 Seconds per Match = 42,353 Wins per Hour.
Posted by X InFlames80 X on 05 Sep 10 at 09:11

Your math seems off or you have a typo. @85 seconds per match, it would equate to 42 games/hour, not 42,353. (which looks like 42 thousand btw)

60 minutes * 60 seconds / 85 sec per match = 42

One issue that I had with this method, not saying it's wrong, is that if the grenade launcher is not accurate, it will push the non-killing booster out of the corner into a different corner. This will force the other person to have to run over to kill them, and thus they will spawn in a different part of the map and greatly increases the time required to finish.

While mathematically you can say it will take 23 hours, realistically it will take longer.

This is the method Nitemare and I used to finish off out kills, and it still took longer than we anticipated due to the rocket launcher pushing the other out of the corner.

Good luck!
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 14 Dec 10 at 10:25
Fatal x BladeIt has been awhile since I've done my method, but if I remember correctly if you aim your grenade launcher at the right angle it will hit the player directly everytime. And, if the grenade makes direct contact with the player they will die instantly everytime. The only time the player could be "forced" out of the corner is if the grenade is not making direct contact with player. So, technically that inconvenience can be avoided if the method is executed properly.
Posted by Fatal x Blade on 14 Dec 10 at 21:16
somethingiIt looks like this works using system link matches also. (doesn't have to be xbox live) At least it worked so far for me with the 10 kills.
Posted by somethingi on 23 Sep 11 at 23:48
DracgnarDoes anyone knows if what @somethingi said is true?
Posted by Dracgnar on 20 Jun 12 at 01:12
Quantum BinmanI just tried it over system link and can confirm that the kills and wins DO count in the stats.
Posted by Quantum Binman on 09 Oct 12 at 06:19
Impdaddyzer0Not only does it count, stat-wise, but I haven't once lost connection between both in a match while in System Link. It happened a couple times a night going through Live, although that could be due to an older adapter in an older console. Just keep in mind that if you do this in system link, your achievement won't have a time stamp (mine didn't, anyway). Neither of my consoles would connect to Live when they were System Linked. I got messages on both that the wireless adapter was disabled as long as the system link cable was connected.
Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 08 Feb 13 at 02:53
ZordnilI've been boosting kills and wins with a friend for a while. We were about 25% done when his stats reset.
He had accidently chosen the wrong storage device when starting the game which we think caused it.

Something you might want to add to your solution to notify people.
Posted by Zordnil on 09 Feb 13 at 09:57
Impdaddyzer0^^^I've done that once or twice in other games. I forgot that the thumbdrive was still plugged in, and, without realizing it, accidentally started a new game using it instead of loading my existing one. Then, when I went to save, I saved on the hard drive like I normally do. Voila. Back to square one. facepalm
Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 12 Feb 13 at 18:22
Having just completed this using the above method I can tell you exactly how long it takes to get your 1000 wins by alternating with a partner.... 67 hours. The maths calculations above mean nothing as you always get issues in the real (cyber) world. eg. lag, positioning, respawns if you cross the imaginary line, mis-aim etc. This was a real ballache to do.
Posted on 25 Mar 13 at 03:12
JJ BuggzIs there a way to make the dummy account spawn at this spot initially? They always start out to the left of that corner for me, then every spawn after the first one they end up in the correct spot.
Posted by JJ Buggz on 14 Aug 17 at 18:39
Living LegendsNo you have to constantly move it. I also had the game clocked at about thirty hours if you boosted it this way. Just so boring and a waste of time if you have a turbo controller. Works great and can get a lot of those pesky achievement requirements but there is nothing better than idle boosting it whiledoing other stuff.
Posted by Living Legends on 05 Apr 18 at 07:04