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Purchase all items from the supply shack

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25 Nov 2015 16 Apr 2019
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The shack is next to the Northern fire (Communications Tower) in Soviet Installation. You can't miss the symbol on your map.

To buy all the items, you need a lot of coins. You need to collect pretty much all of the coin caches in the whole game plus complete the mission for completing all tombs. That mission will get you a lot. You also need to look out for loose coins. I only had one cache uncollected after. Each cache is 25 coins. I had 42 coins left.

In each area, Monoliths show the location of coins in the ground or just look out for a silver shimmer.
Warboy925Heck, you can't miss it!! You actually MUST go into the shack to advance in the game, lol.....
Posted by Warboy925 on 20 Dec 15 at 09:37
LORDOFDOOKIE69Maybe I'm just unlucky because I got this no problem on the One version but after collecting all caches, as many random piles of coins I could find AND the tomb mission I'm still 16 short =/
Posted by LORDOFDOOKIE69 on 20 Jan 19 at 02:10