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Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

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5 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.
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Strength - 0:09
This can be found inside the Mass Fusion Building. Once inside, work your way to the top floor and find the bobblehead on top woman statue that pokes off the side of the wall.

Perception - 1:26
This can be found in the Museum of Freedom. Once inside, make your way to the top floor of the building and you can find it inside the room where you meet the minutemen next to a broken down computer terminal.

Endurance - 2:23
Located in Poseidon Energy, accessible through the front door or the water vents at the back of the building. Once inside the main area, on the main floor, make your way into the raider compound then onto the second floor killing the legendary enemies and finding the bobblehead on a desk next to a cork board.

Charisma - 3:34
This one has quite a few steps. First, visit Parsons State Insane Asylum and kill a few enemies. After that you'll need to find Edward Deegan in 1 of 4 locations; Bunker Hill, Dugout Inn in Diamond City, Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City or The Third Rail in Goodneighbor. Next, start and complete the Special Delivery quest, then the Emogene Takes a Lover quest. After that accept The Secret of Cabot House which will take you into the Asylum. Once inside continue the quest until you make it to Jack's office where you can find the bobblehead on the desk.

Intelligence - 5:00
Found inside the Boston Public Library. Preferably enter through the west entrance, make your way through a long domed hallway with enemies and turrets to find a small room at the back of the hall and you can find the bobblehead on the desk next to some old computers.

Agility - 5:42
Found on the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star, on the top floor of the ship, on the front of the tip of the ship.

Luck - 6:56
Found on Spectacle Island (power armor recommended). From the south tip of the island, find the green tugboat, go inside and find the bobblehead in the locker of the main part of the boat.

Barter - 7:36
In Longneck Lukowski's Cannery (requires Master Lockpicking), go inside, follow up the stairs through the locked double doors, finding the bobblehead on the desk at the end of the hall.

Big Guns - 8:30
This next one is in Vault 95 and I recommend being a high level and having power armor as the enemies are quite difficult. Once inside, kill the enemies, open the wing using the terminal, and find the bobblehead in the basement of the wing in a room with a bunkbed and two legendary enemies.

Energy Weapons - 9:58
This can be found inside [I]Fort Hagen[/I]. The bobblehead is in the backroom of the cafeteria not far from the elevator that leads into the area.

Explosives - 10:43
Inside of the Saugus Ironworks Furnace Room. Once inside the furnace room, there are a lot of tough enemies but the bobblehead can be seen directly in front of you as you enter on top of a fusebox. Use the catwalk to reach it. Note that it may be easier to grab it and run away as opposed to fighting the enemies for some players.

Lock Picking - 11:19
Inside of Pickman Gallery, you'll want to make your way into the building find some secret hallways, down deep into a complex series of a tunnels eventually stumbling across Pickman. Next to the trash barrel that he stands near, you will find the bobblehead on the ground.

Medicine - 11:54
This is found inside of Vault 81. First you will need to be allowed in by speaking to the settlers and giving them 3 fusion cores. Afterwards, find Erin Combes and complete her quest titled "Here Kitty, Kitty". Then Visit Austin in the Clinic (Miscellaneous quest) and talk to Dr. Penske to start the "Hole in the Wall" quest. At the end of this quest you will come to a companion robot named Curie. Inside her office, you will find the bobblehead next to the computer.

Melee - 12:55
Enter Trinity Tower to start a new quest, and make your way to the very top of the tower using the elevators. Once on the roof, take the key from the green chest, and open the door where Rex Goodman and Strong are, finding the bobblhead inside this small room.

Repair - 13:43
At Corvega Assembly Plant, the bobblehead is found on the roof, at the very top, next to the very large spherical object. You can go through the building but using the staircases on the outside may be easier.

Science - 14:54
Find Vault 75 which is accessed through the basement of Malden Middle School. Once inside find the Lab Access Card, then you'll reach a room with a special enemy that is carrying the Admin Key Card. In this back room, you'll find the bobblehead on the desk.

Small Guns - 15:54
Inside Gunners Plaza (requires master lockpicking) make your way through the building and you'll come across a locked pair of red double doors with an "On the Air" sign above. Pick the lock, kill the enemies and turrets inside, finding the bobblehead on the desk.

Sneak - 16:50
Go to Dunwich Borers, make your way into the quarry and then inside the area underneath through a door. There are terminals marked "1", "2", "3" and "4". Kill the enemies on your way to the 4th terminal, and find the bobblehead on the desk next to it.

Speech - 18:10
Easily attainble during the Unlucky Valentine quest that takes place in Park Street Station / Vault 114. In the office where you first find Nick Valentine, you will see it on his desk.

Unarmed - 18:40
At Atom Cats Garage, enter the friendly area and find the bobblehead on the hood of the car in the garage.
NonfaithThank you for making a list. I hate only video walkthroughs.
Posted by Nonfaith on 28 Nov 15 at 07:48
Ketana BEFor people who are having vault 75 glitches solution here
Vault 75 key card glitch
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Sailor Novisextra advice: if you collect them after you recieved the jump pack (brotherhood) it is so much easier to reach higher floors etc.
Posted by Sailor Novis on 05 Dec 15 at 01:55
Hellawes ILove this list since I was just missing 1 and could just look on the list for the one i didn't have. So glad the bobbleheads had different names and not all the same like other collectibles.
Posted by Hellawes I on 12 Dec 15 at 06:59
Fernando P 01A short walkthrough to fix the bug of vault 75 exploration quest and no access card drop.
Posted by Fernando P 01 on 17 Dec 15 at 21:04
INCANTATI0NThanks for making the list with descriptions and in alphabetical order, made finding the ones I needed so much easier. Not to mention I often prefer a written guide to a video. Thumbs up :)
Posted by INCANTATI0N on 08 Jan 16 at 04:30
Radic0nThanks heaps for a written-guide, much prefer lists to videos! Perfect!

For the Charisma Bobblehead, I visited the Parsons State Insane Asylum, but I did not need kill any mercenaries there for Edward Deegan to offer me the quest when I found him at Bunker Hill.
Posted by Radic0n on 13 Feb 16 at 23:23
BaronVoNewmanGreat guides as always man, been using your guides for achievements for years now!
Posted by BaronVoNewman on 24 Jun 16 at 18:53
SchinderdivIt's worth noting that "high level" might be subjective. I just went for the Big Guns bobblehead at level 61 & all enemies were only in the level 20 range - highest I saw in VAT was 24. Also, in my playthrough there were ZERO legendary enemies in the room with the bobblehead, only a few weak regulars. The only legendary I encountered was in the entrance to this vault.
Posted by Schinderdiv on 10 Dec 16 at 12:15
Milk21Great guide, really helpful!
Posted by Milk21 on 15 May 17 at 10:18
ItsChillMurrayThis is the most useful guide on this subject. Well written and informative vs the bare minimum (throwing up a video or simply listing locations) like other guides. Thanks for the help!
Posted by ItsChillMurray on 14 Jun 18 at 12:15
ItsChillMurrayThis guide deserves the top spot on this page :) (I forgot to add this thought in my previous post!)
Posted by ItsChillMurray on 14 Jun 18 at 12:20