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Death from Above

Destroy a floor with a breach charge in Quick Match/Ranked Multiplayer

Death from Above0
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02 Dec 2015
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Map: House
Gametype: Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt

- Must be on ATK
- Must have breach charge

Once you spawn, make your way to the master bedroom on the top floor of the house. Rappel up the side of the building and enter through a window to avoid as many enemies as possible. Once inside the room, you'll find a wooden square on the floor that allows you to breach through. Place your charge here and activate it to blow a hole in the floor and unlock this.
ADrunkCanadianI had issues with placing it on that wooden square directly, so instead i placed it in front of it on the floor and had it successfully pop.
Posted by ADrunkCanadian on 24 Dec 15 at 01:39