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Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any Advanced Co-Op mission.

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22 Jun 2010 26 Jun 2010
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The 10 kill streak must be done in the ADVANCED MISSIONS. I did this on The Herd. Get a game with just you and a buddy by voting to kick any randoms. Do this so you can restart if you mess up and you won't be competing for kills.

Pull out your sniper rifle and run down the first stretch of path that is downhill. Scope in and move around so the cliff side is protecting you and start poppin' heads. If you get lucky they will cluster up at a box of explosives near the tent on the right. Use the Marksman II class and you get 20 sniper rounds. If you lose your chain or run out of ammo you both can jump to your deaths to restart.

You must complete each mission once to unlock the advanced missions. In this mode you are required to use expert targeting mode and enemies deal/receive more damage. So unless it's a head shot, the buffalo rifle takes more than one shot to kill. Also it helps to have your Coop partner stand behind you in case you get downed so he can revive you in time to save your chain.

Mounted weapons like the cannon work well as long as your immediate area is clear of hostiles. The Escape and Ammunition provide ample kills on the cannon. The cannons in The Escape are on the hill to the left of Tumbleweed as you ambush which is about 10 minutes into the mission. The cannons in Ammunition are on the Southern Hill and require killing over 20 soldiers to mount the guns. The setup time is much longer than on The Herd so try not to make mistakes if you choose the cannon route.
Boost17Using the cannon on the hill when you enter Tumbleweed during The Escape would seem do-able. Certainly managed to get a 12 kill streak using them in a standard co-op mission.
Posted by Boost17 on 22 Jun 10 at 18:10
JsNuke@Holy Quiff I think you weren't playing the advanced missions. I edited the solution to help others be aware.
Posted by JsNuke on 22 Jun 10 at 20:30
can i just ask what is the difference between the normal and advance missions?
Posted on 22 Jun 10 at 20:58
StartSmallss@heiwaboke: The difference is the targeting controls. Advanced does not allow you to "lock on" to your target by using casual or normal mode.
Posted by StartSmallss on 22 Jun 10 at 21:37
Boost17One other thing I've become aware of : you must finish the mission successfully before the achievement pops. It's quite possible to get your kill streak and then have the mission fail. Possibly what happened to Holy Quiff.
Posted by Boost17 on 22 Jun 10 at 23:33
LAFTA10th to get :)
Posted by LAFTA on 23 Jun 10 at 10:45
Boost17My apologies then - someone else on our team of four was absolutely convinced they'd got the ten kill streak on the cannons but without it popping.
Posted by Boost17 on 23 Jun 10 at 13:11
xShtankyi got it on the river one on the first stop. i used the semi-auto shotty. that thing is great. even if you dont kill them, a shot from long range will stumble them long enough for you to get close and kill them. and dont forget that dead eye instantly reloads your gun. so shoot five times, then double click your dead eye, and unload again.
Posted by xShtanky on 25 Jun 10 at 03:01
xShtankyoh, and it popped right after my tenth kill. not after completing the mission.
Posted by xShtanky on 25 Jun 10 at 03:02
KelZ04This is by far the easiest method of all the solutions here, Thumbs up!!
Posted by KelZ04 on 30 Jul 10 at 21:22
New Order 81I got this on The Escape at Tumbleweed.

Head straight for the cannon on the cliff and you should see a large group of outlaws moving to the right as they make there way towards your position. I thing this may depend if any of your team have entered the town and are drawing their fire.

The achivement unlocks as soon as your counter reaches 10.
Posted by New Order 81 on 04 Aug 10 at 07:58
Lt DavoI got it at Pike's Basin. I stayed up on the top, where the mission begins. All the way at the left of this spot is some cover - basically, it's a piece of rock you can move behind to recover for a second or two. My buddy ran down the ledge and fired his gun into the air to draw their attention. I shot the two TNT crates to start off. One of the crates tends to become invisible at times, but it's still explodable even when you can't see it. After that, I shot individual enemies until I got the 10. I tried the bolt rifle, the Henry repeater, and the Caranco and had the most success with the bolt rifle.
Posted by Lt Davo on 19 Aug 10 at 14:08
geegers x3wish i had found your guide before i tried ENDLESSLY on The Herd!! i'm embarrassed to say the amount of time i spent trying to get a chain at the top of The Herd mission in a private co-op match, my poor co-op buddy was very patient, with no success after hours of multiple attempts (yes i said hours).

The Escape mission cannon was THE quickest and most successful method, esp. for people, like me, who can't expert aim worth beans without targeting assistance. i would add, clear all enemies immediately below the cliff prior to getting on the cannon and/or have a co-op buddy next to you to snipe/cover you, stick to the farthest left cannon, give all other teammates a heads up so they don't rush the mansion and get blown up and you may have to move the cannon and kill surrounding enemies to keep your chain going as you wait for enemies to run around the mansion to get within target range.
Posted by geegers x3 on 10 Sep 10 at 20:17
III INDIGO IIIJut did it on The Herd like you said. By far the easiest one to do it on with the marksman class (so you got enough ammo if you miss a headshot). Tried the 'Escape' method, but didn't like it. If you fail for any reason at all it takes a few minutes to get back and try again. This one took me four tries, and as soon a I knew which guys to shoot first I got it easily. Great solution! :)
Posted by III INDIGO III on 10 Feb 11 at 03:36
MMMDII did it on Herd as well, but I did it differently than the guide and the above commenters. Pick "Fully Loaded" (or whatever the thing is that starts you with all your base weapons) as your class. This gives you 6 dynamite and 15 sniper bullets. From where you start, turn around and go up the hill to your right. You should see a tree, a couple of bushes, and a nice view of the enemies. Have your buddy fire a few shots to get them moving, then throw all your dynamite down there - have your buddy guide your shots since you have to arc it pretty high and won't see where it's landing. I did that and got a streak of 9 JUST with the explosions. Pull out the sniper to clean up, and wahlah!
Posted by MMMDI on 26 Apr 12 at 01:22
hugo3104Nice guide, it help us (four lonesome fellows) ....
By far the easiest way ... shoot the dynamite on the right will kill 3 guys, and then shoot the others one by one ... choose a "sniper skill" in the menu, to get a sniper with 20 bullets. if you aren't a good sniper, it could be done very easily, got it at third time ... the first try, i did it quickly and fail ... last time i did it slowly (target to get headshot ) so take your time !
Posted by hugo3104 on 01 Mar 14 at 09:28
Paul PoisonousGot this with 2nd try with a random on The Herd.
Posted by Paul Poisonous on 23 Nov 14 at 08:26