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That's No Mirage

Headshot a Cloaker when it is invisible in Campaign or Escalation.

That's No Mirage0
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Teh ParalyzerTeh Paralyzer454,506
23 Jun 2010 26 Jun 2010
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I spent forever trying to guess where their head was at and snipe it. I failed each time. Then with one of the Machine guns I ran straight at a cloaked one just firing my gun off and once he died my achievement popped. So over time you will get this achievement just spray and pray these guys and hope you peg'em in the head.

Try Escalation when going for this because they swarm there.
zodarzoneGood idea. Probably recommend to not use things with heavy splash damage and go for the rapid shot weapons instead
Posted by zodarzone on 24 Jun 10 at 16:29
Ashen SeraphShotgun worked well enough for me. Also, Escalation would probably be a good bet since they swarm in there.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 24 Jun 10 at 18:19
LepraSaunhow does this have negative votes, it works and is an easy and simple SOLUTION to getting this achievo
Posted by LepraSaun on 26 Jun 10 at 01:24