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Demonic Barrage

Land 20 Rashakukens in one fight against an opponent in any mode as Omen.

Demonic Barrage0
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09 Dec 2015
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You can do this in any mode and will probably get this by accident simply playing the character.
However a simple way to insure you get it is play a CPU match on the NOOB difficulty or local match with a second controller and keep spamming (quarter circle forward punch, I'll show the button input which will assume you are on the left side of the screen and using default controls) cn_down + cn_downright + cn_right + cn_A/cn_Y/cn_RB. (Those are all the different punch buttons, you can use any of them but they'll give different effect to the attack.)
Every ball that hits will count one to the counter and once you hit them with twenty balls it will pop in the middle of the match.
SilentJay76Can also be done in practice mode.
Posted by SilentJay76 on 13 Feb 17 at 16:57
Malicious FuryLight punch defaults to X, not A
Posted by Malicious Fury on 26 Feb 17 at 17:33