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Stabby stab

Stab 1,000 hearts in Classic mode

Stabby stab-0.5
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12 Dec 2015 12 Dec 2015
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AI kills count towards your progress

From the main menu, load up Versus > Classic

Lives: 1 Life
Time: 1 Minute
Versus type: Free for All
Rounds: None

cn_A to Join, then cn_RB 3 times to add 3 AIs

Select "Asteroid X" > Classic

At this point you can play or let the AI do the work for you. Unfortunately, you will have to press "Rematch" after every round, but this method will get you progress towards:

STARWHALNERDThe NERD achievement in STARWHAL worth 152 pointsPlay 1,000 rounds of Versus Mode

STARWHALNEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRD!!!!!!!The NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRD!!!!!!! achievement in STARWHAL worth 536 pointsPlay 1000 rounds of Versus

STARWHALStabby stabby stabThe Stabby stabby stab achievement in STARWHAL worth 453 pointsStab 3000 hearts in Classic mode

STARWHALWhy2K?The Why2K? achievement in STARWHAL worth 124 pointsAccumulate 2,000 total points in Score Attack

STARWHALDeveloper X Is PleasedThe Developer X Is Pleased achievement in STARWHAL worth 339 pointsAccumulate 4096 total points in Score Attack