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Decepticon Warlord

Decepticon Campaign Complete (Hard).

Decepticon Warlord0
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level.Stackable - These achievements can be unlocked at the same time as, or in the course of, earning its more difficult or less difficult counterpart.
Teh ParalyzerTeh Paralyzer453,540
23 Jun 2010 26 Jun 2010
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If you have beaten the game on an easier difficulty than Hard you can load up the last checkpoint of each level and beat it on Hard and it will count toward this achievement. This will save time and stress. Same for Autobots

Lets say you beat the game on easy. Go back to chapter select and set difficulty to Hard. Load the very last checkpoint and beat it. It counts as beating the entire level on hard.

These achievements are stackable.
Duke Of Dirgewho would down vote this it's the easiest way
Posted by Duke Of Dirge on 25 Jun 10 at 05:05
Teh ParalyzerThank you! Man I always get Negative votes for reasons I cant understand.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 25 Jun 10 at 06:34
RhyoliticCompleting it on Hard also unlocks the Medium achievement and, presumably, the Easy achievement as well.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 26 Jun 10 at 06:00
Teh ParalyzerYes, That is correct.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 26 Jun 10 at 10:33
DelmaathThanks The Paralyzer. Saved me a good amount of time.
Posted by Delmaath on 30 Jun 10 at 14:42
Teh ParalyzerYou bet =)
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 30 Jun 10 at 20:37
The Dear HunterJust a bunch of self-righteous elitist nubs who condemn people for taking a shortcut when they spend all their free time blowing through this game four times to milk all of the achievements.

Needless to say, very fine solution.
Posted by The Dear Hunter on 13 Jul 10 at 02:23
Teh ParalyzerHey anyway to get an achievement is acceptable unless you're a noob and you hack your gamertag.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 13 Jul 10 at 03:57
DDAKI did the last checkpoint of each level in co-op on hard and didn't get the achievement.
Posted by DDAK on 25 Jul 10 at 08:57
DDAKI didn't vote negative but I could really use some help as this didn't work for me.
Posted by DDAK on 25 Jul 10 at 10:01
Teh ParalyzerAt ddak. Sorry man but my friend got it when we did co-op so it worked.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 25 Jul 10 at 17:53
MonStar6easy as pie
Posted by MonStar6 on 21 Oct 10 at 20:53
Rowdawg88@ddak, I just wanted to say that there has been an update that needs to be downloaded. I just started the game on easy tonight, but I can try deleting the update and try out this solution to see if the update is the issue. Can anyone confirm this?
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 06 Mar 12 at 07:27
Teh ParalyzerI ran through the game co-op with my friend after the update. I'm not really sure why it didn't count for him.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 06 Mar 12 at 08:17
Rowdawg88Thanks for quick post, I will give it a try myself with update first. If it doesnt work, I will disconnect from xboxlive and delete it to see if the update affects your solution. Can you still do the coop solution you wrote with the update if you don't have a friend who has the game or did the update screw that up too?
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 06 Mar 12 at 20:13
Teh ParalyzerOffline or Online this seems to still be working.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 06 Mar 12 at 20:45
Robster80A friend of mine and I got this achievement with your solution. Thanks a lot for this, man.
Posted by Robster80 on 27 Aug 12 at 02:23
GBHPrime84This tactic works beautifully, just unlocked the Decepticon campaign achivement, going for the Autobot one later. Thanks a ton man.
Posted by GBHPrime84 on 27 Aug 12 at 02:34
Teh ParalyzerNo problem guys. Shame I didn't have the money to buy the 2nd game this month so I could write guides for that one too.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 27 Aug 12 at 08:32
diseased maniacThanks for the tip! THUMBS UP! I got this following Teh Paralyzer's guide- I have the Xbox Live game update; got it offline after beating the end boss.
Posted by diseased maniac on 30 Aug 12 at 14:44
chrisarcadehey, is there a way to see what difficulty you've beaten a level on?
Posted by chrisarcade on 28 Oct 12 at 17:21
HellHoundRulercan any one tell me wat are the last checkpoints for every level
Posted by HellHoundRuler on 13 Jan 13 at 22:36
GrislyGrizzlyI had the same problem as DDAK last year. I beat the campaign and then came back to the last checkpoint on hard mode and nothing popped. Now the game recognizes the highest difficulty I beat it on was hard so I think I voided the achievement...
Posted by GrislyGrizzly on 16 Feb 16 at 03:10