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Frighten 200 enemies.

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15 Dec 2015
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Here is a video guide with English commentary for a grind location for this achievement!

Here is a playlist of guides for this game and DLC!
Revid CargianGreat spot to boost this out if necessary, especially after getting the larger Fear Bomb pouch.

My only problem with this achievement is that my counter appears to be glitched out at 98%. So... kind of hoping the counter magically starts working again soon, 'cause I don't want something I can't control to be the only reason I don't complete the DLC. =(
Posted by Revid Cargian on 16 Dec 15 at 09:33
BalarushWay easier spot is mission 5 after speaking to the inspector. There are about 10 - 20 "enemies" on the other side of the building you spawn behind, much faster and no effort required to hunt them down.
Posted by Balarush on 16 Dec 15 at 19:05
BastiaenGrrr.... Stuck in Done... Unlocking limbo.
Posted by Bastiaen on 17 Dec 15 at 07:02
HNDZ xCerberusGreat guide, I was at 94% before this mission and managed to frighten a lot of enemies there, but as mentioned by other players the achievement is stuck at 97%...angry
I've tried resetting both the game and the console, but nothing works. My OCD thanks you, Ubisoft.
Posted by HNDZ xCerberus on 27 Feb 16 at 10:18
HNDZ xCerberusFor everyone having problems with this achievement being stuck: I've found a solution online that worked for me.

*It is important to state that this involves deleting your saved data. If by any means you don't feel safe doing it, then please don't.*

Just delete your saved data. I know, sounds terrible and I too was afraid to do so, but you can retrieve it later. Here is what did it for me:
Step 1: disable your console's network connection (cable or wireless)
Step 2: select the game on My Games and Apps an go to Manage Game
Step 3: select the saved data (to the right of all the DLCs) and select "DELETE FROM CONSOLE". Make sure you don't select the other option, or that will make you lose your save forever.
Step 4: open the game and start playing as if it were the first time. I don't know how much further you have to go into the game with this new save, but I played until the end of Sequence 3, Memory 1.
Step 5: at this point I quit to the main menu and selected the Ripper DLC. I played until we reach the first crime scene with Evie. As I was unable to snap the Achievements app, I re-connected the console to the internet and the achievement unlocked!

After that I immediately closed the game and deleted this new saved data, wich was smaller than the previous one. Re-opened the game and after Xbox synced my saved data from the cloud storage my progress was all there.

I hope this helps! Bye!
Posted by HNDZ xCerberus on 02 Mar 16 at 05:55
i tried the above didn't work not helpful at all did it twice and nothing.hope someone mentions this to the devs to fix this my last achievement I need
Posted on 03 Mar 16 at 08:15
finally got it what I did was I kept turning off my connection through the xbox shutting f the system then reloading the game and when it kept trying to restart I quickly turned the connection back on through settings then closed the game and reloaded kept putting rite back at the beginning of the dlc because it got deleted by mistake but got the last 10 percent to go.took roughly an hour to do all this
Posted on 03 Mar 16 at 21:13
x TheJoke x@Dubber396 worked for me. I was stuck at 98% it didn't notify me that it unlocked after I did everything but I saw that it was in the achievement snap. Thanks for the help!!!
Posted by x TheJoke x on 03 Apr 16 at 22:08
DillionDayTheChipsDubbo, thank you for the breakdown! Really helped. Got 1 to pop but I had to do 4 more brutal takedowns for the other to pop, but at least it made it start counting again.
Posted by DillionDay on 21 Jun 16 at 18:56
Worked for me Chips Dubbo, I only played main game upto as soon as I could pause and exit to main screen then started dlc, finished the first 2 missions of the dlc then went online. Didn't pop on screen tho.
Posted on 12 Aug 16 at 10:51
TheTokenHoboNice, worked perfect Chips Dubbo. Tyvm!!
Posted by TheTokenHobo on 16 Dec 16 at 23:24
GerbasgamerSadly didn't work for me. Will try it again.

EDIT: Worked on second try. I made sure to complete the mission with Jacob (sequence 1), then started the DLC and completed the first 3 missions (The Unfortunates being the last).
Achievement quietly popped when I went online again.
Also after deleting the new savegame and loading up the game again, another stuck achievement (The new terror of Whitechapel) unlocked on start up.
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 09 Sep 18 at 14:07
Ethan PT7I had the same issue. Mine was stuck at 99% last night. I tried disconnecting from live and hard resetting the Xbox and they did not work. I was going to do the deleting my save method after I got some other achievement but I got a notification on the Xbox Android app this morning and I had the achievement unlocked.
Posted by Ethan PT7 on 12 Sep 18 at 14:30