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Snowball Dodge

Dodge 3 Snowballs in a round

Snowball Dodge+1.8
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The description of this achievement seems wrong given.

You do not have to dodge 3 snowballs with your own character, the second controller has to dodge 3 in a round (2 minutes). Start by making gems with your main account, until the second controller will get a "snowball incoming" message. Then stop making gems with the first controller. If done correctly, no snowball is thrown. Now switch to your second controller and make 8 combination until a message saying "Dodge" will appear. Now make combinations with the first controller again until the snowball is thrown, and then start all over again.
This is done in multiplayer with a second controller. smile

watch this video, is better explained. This video is not created by me.
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Posted by A 2RUE MASTER on 28 Sep 16 at 14:41