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Still Tastes Good

Endurance Challenge: Eat the meat of 5 wolves that were killed with poison damage

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Fuzzmeister JFuzzmeister J627,390
31 Dec 2015 30 Aug 2016
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Turn on the challenge first!

Equip an infinite poison arrow card to make this easier.

This achievement kind of explains itself, but it can seem like it is not progressing properly. Your progress will in fact update just fine. You cannot however, kill the wolves with an arrow. If the arrow kill the wolf and then the poison cloud disperses, you did not kill the wolf with poison. It's best to just shoo the ground in front of or next to the wolf. You will then need to skin the wolf to get progress.

WARNING: It seems the fully upgraded Dreamstinger Bow voids the achievement in some way. If you have issues with this achievement, use a different bow. Thanks to Burn The Dope for that information.
z seifer zHaven't seen any wolves yet, do they appear in later days or are they in a certain direction?
Posted by z seifer z on 04 Jan 16 at 00:36
Fuzzmeister JIt's random. I have had games where I only see 2 the whole time, and others where I don't stop seeing them.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 04 Jan 16 at 05:41
z seifer zCool, thank you smile
Posted by z seifer z on 04 Jan 16 at 16:02
BastiaenI can find wolves when I don't have this challenge active, but as soon as I play with it active, I can never find any wolves.
Posted by Bastiaen on 04 Jan 16 at 19:25
BastiaenI still can't find enough wolves. Does anyone know if they will respawn at the same places?
Posted by Bastiaen on 07 Jan 16 at 21:47
te5s3raktSame... Get a whole lot of howling, but not wolves... Sad face...
Posted by te5s3rakt on 20 Jan 16 at 12:19
DanPalf1991For some reason doing this challenge unlocked the raider achievement and now it won't track the progress for this one or my remaining crypt achievements. Any one else had this?
Posted by DanPalf1991 on 23 Jan 16 at 11:29
l SpeedyQuinn lI found out an easier way to got a lot more wolves to spawn. You need to put the challenge on that requires you to kill 7 wolves. With that challenge on alot more seem to spawn than otherwise. I found 8 in about 5-10 minutes. Hope this helps you guyssmile
Posted by l SpeedyQuinn l on 24 Jan 16 at 05:30
Fuzzmeister JI am pretty sure it is still random. I think I was using that card too and it still took 2 tries.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 24 Jan 16 at 13:49
LegendI killed first 4 on start (even 5 but 1 with arrow). Then I was walking around 10 days :)
Then I realized that I found wolves on start point (straight ahead of truck). I found truck, walked 200-300 meters and I found 2 extra wolves.
Posted by Legend#5793 on 12 Feb 16 at 00:31
alex1sqcI've noticed that maybe there could be some wolves near places where you see bones on the ground with some dead deers nearby I'm not sure..
Posted by alex1sqc on 31 Mar 16 at 14:26
Burn The DopeI am not having a hard time finding the wolves but I can not seem to get the "kill" with the podium damage. I am using unlimited arrows however when I shoot the ground they just become dazed for a moment and they never die. Can someone please help me out?
Posted by Burn The Dope on 26 Aug 16 at 02:28
Burn The DopeOk so in response to my original post I figured out the problem. I was using a fully upgraded Dreamstinger bow and that bow in particular uses the " confuse" Poision. It WILL NOT kill the wolves. I switched to a different bow I believe The Recurve and I unlocked the achievement within 10 minutes of starting a new game. 🍺🍺
Posted by Burn The Dope on 30 Aug 16 at 05:03
Fuzzmeister JThanks for the information. I updated the guide.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 30 Aug 16 at 11:42
Burn The DopeAbsolutely!! Anything to help my fellow achievement hunters. I thought I was going mad because it's honestly not that hard lol. Happy Hunting 💯
Posted by Burn The Dope on 31 Aug 16 at 00:54
RiseofMrBlonde2ugh. had the challenge active, got the big notification that i completed challenge. never once hit a wolf with the actual achievement
Posted by RiseofMrBlonde2 on 04 Feb 17 at 18:12
Vr Englishcredit to speedy quinn, i feel like if you have the wolf pack challenge on it spawns exotic wolves.
Posted by Vr English on 13 Jun 17 at 23:40
tynderiCurrently bugged, done it twice now and still it hasn't unlocked. I even tried uninstalling my game and my saves but now that I tried it again the achievement won't unlock.
Posted by tynderi on 28 Mar 18 at 14:37
TheeJamesTCan confirm it is bugged, I've tried it 20+ times with it active and various ways, deleted all saves, uninstalls etc and just won't pop.
Posted by TheeJamesT on 21 Apr 18 at 14:19
TheeJamesTSomewhat random update, but anyone struggling to unlike this... delete your save data from EVERYWHERE. Console and the cloud. I did it, and it unlocked the first time I tried it again.
Posted by TheeJamesT on 17 Oct 18 at 16:04