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Starting Over

In Breakdown, pack up the RV and move your community in January.

01 Jan 2016 until 01 Feb 2016

Starting Over
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31 Dec 2015 12 Jan 2016
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If you never advanced with the RV before it's explained pretty well here:
State of Decay: Year-OneThe FriendThe The Friend achievement in State of Decay: Year-One worth 19 pointsReach Breakdown Level 2.

Basically all you have to do for this achievement is use the RV.
Not explained in the guide above is where to find fuel.
A very good and consistent spot is the construction sites (the unfinished houses). Basically you want to look for giant oil drums (metal barrels) or red fuel canisters, either of these can be represented by the oil drum on the mini-map.
Other good spots include garages and inside of gas stations.

Now I don't know what triggers the mission to advance but it should pop up after a hour or so. Just play normally, upgrade your base and do missions. Then you'll find the green "?" on your map somewhere for the "Gotta be a way out ..." mission.
Don't forget you'll need to collect five rucksacks of fuel and you also may need some supplies (in your management menu the icon of boxes to the left of where your fuel is displayed) in case of broken tires on the RV. You'll need exactly 25 units of fuel and I think it's four units of supplies per tire. Not sure if it's possible for all four tired to be flat but I'd have 16 supply units just in case.
I also just found out that the engine can be busted which will require 20 units of supplies and five units of fuel and then take 30 minutes to repair.

Depending on your what level you're trying to advance to and from can effect what you need.
Needing fame is another possible resource that may be needed to repair the RV.
Please read the comments for more info about these two things.
PurplbaconIt must be different for everyone, cus I got the RV on the map in about 10min. after choosing a home colony. Then I was required to have 200 fame and "more" medical supplies. During operation of the RV I needed to find some surgical gloves but beyond that was about 25-30min start to finish
Posted by Purplbacon on 09 Jan 16 at 08:08
Dexter XBAHow many parts you have to repair depends on your Breakdown level. If you're playing level 1 you only have to fix one part of the RV but on higher levels you'll have to fix up to 4 parts. Broken parts can be flat tires (requires building materials), empty gas tank (requires fuel), broken engine (requires building materials and fuel) and infection (requires you to disinfect RV with medical supplies). Each repair takes 30 minutes and you need enough fame (which should come naturally as you gather supplies). Furthermore there's usually an interruption during the repair process that requires you to find additional items (marked by questionmarks on your map; e.g. the surgical gloves Purplbacon mentioned). If you don't search for them the repair will take longer.
Posted by Dexter XBA on 09 Jan 16 at 16:09