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Hide in a barrel as Snape

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26 Jun 2010 09 Aug 2010
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Firstly you're going to need to unlock Snape.
Snape can be found in the secret room in Potions classroom located in Hogwarts.
In this room there will be 3 task to complete that require certain characters, they are the following:
A painting that wants to see a member of Hufflepuff - Justin Finch-Fletchy (Unlocked in Year 2)
A puzzle to create a goblin vault - Griphook, the goblin with the key (Unlocked in the first level in Year 1) Thanks to Kinesis916 for that.
A bookcase - Harmione (She is always with you)

Doing those 3 tasks will give you 3 keys, use those keys to release the puzzle blocks to build a platform up, the Snape unlock is to the Left of you in a chest. (Note: There is a Red Brick to your right as well)

Now that Snape is unlocked you need to head to Diagon Alley and go to Madam Malkin's Robes to purchase Snape (He costs 250,000studs, i think).
Now that you have Snape purchased start up the mission "The First Task" which is from Year 4 and there is a barrel directly at the start OR if you arent very far in to the game you can do the first mission and once you leave The Leaky Cauldron there is a barrel on your right.
Note: Snape MUST be assigned to Player 1. Thanks to futrstyl for that info.
Kinesis916Griplock is the only guy I need to get the last key. How do I get him?
Posted by Kinesis916 on 27 Jun 10 at 12:43
SpilnerDamn i honestly dont know, i got him during story might have been in year two. I also meant to put Griphook incase just incase you have him, oops.
Posted by Spilner on 27 Jun 10 at 13:15
Kinesis916I just found him in a chest in Gringots while replaying the first level.
Posted by Kinesis916 on 27 Jun 10 at 13:21
SpilnerThats good to know ill add it in =)
Posted by Spilner on 27 Jun 10 at 13:22
RadiantViperYou should note that you need Reducto to get Griphook. You get Reducto during Year 4, so you'll have to play through a bit before you get this one. And to be specific, when you get to the vault area there's a chest to the right with a silver lock on it. Inside is the Griphook character token.
Posted by RadiantViper on 01 Jul 10 at 02:54
SillySocks404I have Snape unlocked and I hid in a barrel both in Hogwards and I tried "The First Task" mission and hid in the barrel at the start of the level, but the achievement didn't unlock. Is there some trick to it?
Posted by SillySocks404 on 18 Jul 10 at 05:30
SpilnerNo trick to it, i just used to Snape to hide in a barrel (i had extras on too so that cant be the problem) Sorry i dont have clue why it didnt unlock for you.
Posted by Spilner on 18 Jul 10 at 09:05
SillySocks404Ah, I figured it out. You have to be Snape with the player 1 controller.
Posted by SillySocks404 on 18 Jul 10 at 19:01
SpilnerAh okey dokey, Cheers for letting me know, ill add it in. Gad you got it mate smile
Posted by Spilner on 18 Jul 10 at 19:18
SpilnerThe secret room leads off from the potions room, the painting you need is in there, not the one in the potions room. With the character locator it should be able to guide you were you need to go.
Posted by Spilner on 23 Jul 10 at 16:52
I don't see a level called "Potions", I've beat the game btw, is it called something else? I'm looking at the list of all the levels on that board where you can choose if you want to replay the level or go into free play.
Posted on 09 Aug 10 at 03:17
SpilnerPotions, is the potions class room in hogwarts.
Posted by Spilner on 09 Aug 10 at 12:02
ESS3NC3 0F 3V1LIt is a great guide dont get me wrong but I can finally give it a thumbs up when you include one small detail.

Were is the potions room. And specifically the ageing room were the door is. I can not find this potions room anymore since I have beating the game. And every guide online only says what to do but not how to get there.
Posted by ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L on 29 Aug 10 at 03:48
SpilnerIt has been a month since i played this so i cant remember the exact loaction, sorry... But i cant tell you once you are in the potions room the secret entrance is at the far point away from where you enter, on the right.

The potions room is one of the class rooms so inside Hogwarts if you can find the area with the classrooms try each one. Sorry i cant be much help :s
Posted by Spilner on 29 Aug 10 at 11:56
Muzzilythis site might help some people
Posted by Muzzily on 01 Nov 10 at 23:12
SpilnerDude WTF?
Posted by Spilner on 01 Nov 10 at 23:19
MuzzilyThe link is for a map of hogwarts, as some people are having difficulty finding the potions room after completing the story mode of the game.
Posted by Muzzily on 02 Nov 10 at 19:11
SpilnerOK the pics didnt load first time i opened it, my bad.
Posted by Spilner on 03 Nov 10 at 01:16
JungleWookieeBest Achievement naming ever !
Posted by JungleWookiee on 12 Jun 11 at 22:36
TruthTwoYou got my vote up for having a complete solution, including how to get Snape
Posted by TruthTwo on 06 Jul 18 at 23:28