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H3: ODST: Beat the par score on NMPD HQ.

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14 Jan 2016 14 Jan 2016
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I first tried it on Heroic for the times two multiplier (2x) but end up taking 20 minutes doing it solo, which is double the par time for this mission (10 min), therefore voiding the time bonus multiplier.

Then I decided to switch to Normal difficulty which has no bonus of itself but it's possible to be completed faster. Using this method my final score was almost 50k in 12 minutes. That means that I received a 2.5x multiplier for completing it fast besides the 2x multiplier from the few skulls I had on: Famine, Iron, Thunderstorm (optional) and Tough Luck.

I do not recommend to use Tilt nor Mythic for those will make the enemies tougher and will take longer to kill them, sacrificing time, the biggest and more important bonus multiplier that matters.


After wasting most if not all of your Sniper Rifle ammo on the first room let it go and grab a Plasma Pistol instead. Headshot Grunts and Jackals with your magnum and use the Plasma Pistol to take down the Brute's armor. That's the fastest way to dispach them.

When you go inside the police station, grab the Sniper Rifle again. Use it to kill all of the enemy snipers on the next room and let it go before leaving that room, again, switching it for a Plasma Pistol.

You may come across a special Brute whose armor doesn't go down and that is very hard to grenade stick. He has a turret and can take you down easily. My suggestion is to focus on the other two Brutes that are near that other one and once these two are down start throwing grenades just to move the special one away from the door, so you can rush in and not waste time trying to take him down. As soon as you enter that door and jump down, two Grunts will get scared and run. Kill them before they totally go outside, otherwise the firefight will alert the 2 Jackal snipers and the Grunt with a Plasma Cannon. You can kill those guys easily with Magnum headshots (there's one on the floor before going out, where the 2 scared Grunts were) if they don't see you coming.

Once you reach the fallen Pelican and the rest of your team, try to take down any enemies on foot, so that the game will speed up the Banshees and Phantoms part. Run upstairs and assume the rocket turret on the side that the Banshees are coming. Stay focus and aware of the enemies, start aiming and shooting them even before your missiles get autoguided. Once all of the enemies on one side are down, go to the other.

If any of the two missile turrets get destroyed (bad luck if it happens, try not to detach them yourself!) use the Spartan Lasers and spare missile turrets against any Banshees that are within range. Pay attention to your health and don't risk getting killed if it starts beeping red.

If any part of this solution helps you, please leave a comment and a thumbs up to let me know. Thanks!