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It's A Me

Jump the crazy chasm in the woods.

It's A Me0
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16 Jan 2016
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It's a me, Mario!

When you visit Harden Tower, you'll be given a choice between two objectives (you'll have to complete both). One of these will lead you to Towhee Woods, where you'll find a chasm in the center of the zone. Jump across it with cn_A, and you'll get the achievement.

xCHUB N TUCKxJumped over a few times and it's not unlocking. Know of anything wrong with it popping for some people?
Posted by xCHUB N TUCKx on 10 Oct 17 at 20:06
OldMateClownHaving the same issue as Chub, jumped over it like 20 times and nothing
Posted by OldMateClown on 17 Apr 18 at 06:24