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Forced March

Reach Boersgard in 120 days.

Forced March+0.2
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21 Jan 2016 21 Jan 2016
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This achievment wants you to be fast. It's best done on easy, as you don't have to rest to heal your heroes from injuries.

Don't rest, leave everywhere as fast as possible and skip time wasting additional events and restock on supplies before leaving.
Look random events up (here is a good guide with every outcome: they happen in chapter 4 and 6.

Skip battles when you've the chance.

Don't waste a day waiting out at the end of chapter 2.
Leave ridgehold directly at the end of chapter 3.
Don't recruit Onef in chapter 4, as you can cut down the time that would be wasted with the optional event playing out in chapter 6 with him.
Don't search for scales at marek godstone in chapter 4.
Don't do anything on the bridge in chapter 5, leave Eintartorf.
In chapter 6, don't fight when you reach the fork, take the detour, after Sigrholm, pay the people to help you cross the water.

The achievement will pop, once you've reached Boersgard and you're allowed to enter the town.

Additional advise: As you're travelling fast, you can pair this achievement with
The Banner SagaQuartermasterThe Quartermaster achievement in The Banner Saga worth 54 pointsComplete the game without letting anyone in your caravan die to hunger.
as long as you keep up your supplies.
You'll also don't fight that much, and as you'll skip Onef and the bridge in chapter 5 it woud be a good idea to also go for
The Banner SagaInnocentThe Innocent achievement in The Banner Saga worth 59 pointsAlette doesn't want to harm humans or varl...don't make her.
, but you should at least be able to get
The Banner SagaBeat the OddsThe Beat the Odds achievement in The Banner Saga worth 177 pointsWhew...Egil made it the whole way!
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ToastyyBanana Just wanted to add, that if you're playing on easy you don't necessarily have to rush the whole time. I stopped at multiple godstones to get extra items, and even battled multiple times at the summer path fork in the road. Also battled on the bridge 3 times as well, and still arrived in Boersgard at day 110.
Posted by ToastyyBanana on 06 Mar 16 at 21:37
bryan dot exe Played on normal, used 1-3 more days than completely necessary and I ended up there on day 109.
Posted by bryan dot exe on 31 May 16 at 03:08
REJECt444 On easy, I paid NO attention to this at all and arrived on day 112.
Posted by REJECt444 on 14 Jul 16 at 03:44
Katarn StarKiLR i arrived on day 120, and it didn't count. Should say before 120 days, not in.
Posted by Katarn StarKiLR on 03 Jan 18 at 02:55
Grammaton Dryad The trip between Einartoft and Boersgard takes just about 30 days, so if you are at 90 days when you leave Einartoft, you will not get this achievement.
Posted by Grammaton Dryad on 25 May 18 at 19:06
TheOnlyMatto had 81 days at the beginning of chapter 5, if not for you advising me to leave immediately i would have had another run through the game. Tyvm i greatly appreciate it. plus one
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 03 May 19 at 01:14