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Are you scared yet?

Frighten 200 enemies.

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26 Jan 2016
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The Best location to grind this achievement is at the very start of Mission 10.
Run straight through the gates and up to the entrance of the Asylum. There will a heap of guards standing there.

Start dropping Bombs until all Guards have a Red fear symbol and begin to run away, then reload last checkpoint.
You should be able to get 8-10% per run and it will take 10-15 minutes max, including loading screens.
Rizzo NPWorked great. Better than the other suggestions.
Posted by Rizzo NP on 17 Apr 16 at 23:23
RampidMeerkatWow, thanks man. Much appreciated.
Posted by RampidMeerkat on 17 Apr 16 at 23:58
Sir VegemiteGreat solution my friend
Posted by Sir Vegemite on 27 Jun 16 at 07:24
TheTokenHoboNice solution though my counter seems stuck at 99%
Posted by TheTokenHobo on 16 Dec 16 at 21:45
Dread ReaverGreat solution! I also like to start stabbing with the spikes when I run out of fear bombs
Posted by Dread Reaver on 18 Jan 18 at 09:26
LaughablefellowGlitched at 99% for me too. That's two achievements which haven't unlocked on this game for me now. V.annoying.
Posted by Laughablefellow on 06 Jun 20 at 14:12
GKevinfrighten policeman also count
Posted by GKevin on 19 Jun 20 at 03:11
Octobot SuperProbably worth mentioning that this will likely come naturally if you're completing the DLC, which eliminates the need to grind. I got it after doing all the associate missions and half the story missions.
Posted by Octobot Super on 21 Jan at 14:06
LIAM SLANEY86I just gt this dlc n rouge n exio collection
Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 01 Mar at 16:05