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Vasilisa's Lanterns

Baba Yaga: Complete the Challenge in the Wicked Vale

Vasilisa's Lanterns0
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26 Jan 2016 26 Jan 2016
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The lanterns are hanging fire bowls with a witch skull below. (look at the thumbnail from the vid below)

You can start wiht this challenge after the platform / rope puzzle where the chicken house lift is located. (for the puzzle solution click here)
Before you start with the lift to the other side, you can shoot down 4 / 10 lanterns, during the drive you have to shoot the other 6 lanterns. There is no point where you can see / shoot all 10 lantern, you have to use the lift!

anthony2690This has glitched on me leaving me stuck at 9/10 really annoyed tbh.
Posted by anthony2690 on 27 Jan 16 at 17:57
fulci lives666Same for me. The one in the cave went crazy and disappeared.
Posted by fulci lives666 on 27 Jan 16 at 21:16
Lan MordrethHad the same thing happen to me. The first one that's shot in the video after the gondola starts moving at the very bottom of the gulch started wigging out and flying all over the place. I haven't been able to get it to respawn yet. I guess I'll have to try a hard reset.
Posted by Lan Mordreth on 27 Jan 16 at 21:44
ZuawgGlitched for me too. Went on the lift several times and checked to see if I just missed one, but I looked exactly where each one is supposed to be and I'm still at 9/10.
Posted by Zuawg on 30 Jan 16 at 22:21
William YZF R1Same for me too - Disappointed on 9/10
Posted by William YZF R1 on 31 Jan 16 at 14:51
Posted by deluxnugs on 02 Feb 16 at 16:27
ultrachrist29/10 here too and I wish I checked this thread before I ran the lift back and forth a dozen times. They'll probably patch it since there's a third DLC coming anyway.
Posted by ultrachrist2 on 11 Feb 16 at 03:36
DalCowboys3glitched for me too but i'm only at 8/10. I ran the lift back and forth twice to just see if I missed the 9th one
Posted by DalCowboys3 on 11 Feb 16 at 16:55
VerboseWharfi had same problem but i went to load game from main menu and on number 1 pressed LT+RT that bring up last back up save which was the start of the DLC replayed dlc the missing latern was there .
Posted by VerboseWharf on 16 Feb 16 at 11:36
fulci lives666I did the same as wharf and the missing latern was there.
Posted by fulci lives666 on 19 Feb 16 at 05:08
DillionDayI'm sure VerboseWharf's solution would work but my back-up save was waaay back. Anyways, I went back and forth a few times and saw the rope that the lantern hangs on extremely stretched out and almost blinking, then it stopped. I followed the rope and saw the damn lantern all the way down on the bottom and shot it. I'm not saying it will work for everybody but just look for the rope and trace it. Here's a video of me tracing the rope and finding the lantern at the bottom of the gully.
Posted by DillionDay on 16 Mar 16 at 19:30
deluxnugsthis additional info should be added to the guide. thanks wharf. not to happy about having to replay the dlc but its better than nothing.
Posted by deluxnugs on 27 Mar 16 at 17:00
GrimaceTheGreyI had the glitch happen to me as well, I was able to quit the game, and reload. Lantern wasn't there, but the little block you shoot was. Worth a shot for people who get stuck, to try and quit and load, not continue.
Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 22 Apr 16 at 03:39
KeilaI went back today and the lantern was still gone but the block was there. I shot it and completed the challenge. Thank you thank you Grimace221!
Posted by Keila on 24 May 16 at 12:16
Apostle92627Thanks for the guide. I followed it and got the achievement.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 25 Aug 16 at 03:37
Ser BarristanI was able to shoot all 10 and complete the challenge but the achievement has not popped. Hopefully it will update at some point.
Posted by Ser Barristan on 02 Mar 17 at 18:52
Moscow TimmyI had a similar issue as those above of a lantern glitching away leaving me 9/10 lanterns. While one of the actual lanterns disappeared, the mount which consists of the stick and "concrete block" you shoot were still present. Shooting the remaining block gave me the 10th lantern I needed and popped the achievement.
Posted by Moscow Timmy on 24 Dec 17 at 00:07
El ZombieI also had the 9/10 glitch. The second to last lantern in the video was literally swinging around + up into the rocks above it. As I had ZERO intention of replaying the DLC all the way through, I decided to keep reloading my save + turning on Survival Instincts. When I got to that section, I saw the glowing lantern flailing about and just kept unloading my bow until the game registered the hit. It took me 3 tries, but I got it. This might be worth a shot if you're stuck on that part.
Posted by El Zombie on 24 Aug 18 at 04:56
Visions of GoreI had 2 glitch on me as well, glitching around the screen like crazy. The comments above are on the money! Thanks guys. Was starting to get pissed, then quit and reloaded, started gondola, put on survival instincts & watched for the concrete blocks clap
Posted by Visions of Gore on 26 Sep 18 at 23:44