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10 Day Roll

Play Roblox 10 days in a row.

10 Day Roll0
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29 Jan 2016 16 Feb 2016
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There are 3 achievements in this game that require you to play the game for a total of 20 days consecutively.

Unfortunately you cannot go offline and change your date manually to unlock or change your time zone whilst online to earn a day early. You must open the game every day for 20 real days.

The achievement requires you to only load up the Roblox game and press cn_A at the title screen everyday.
Now the issue the majority seem to have been having is what a 'day' counts as, my day 3, day 10 and day 20 achievements have both popped just after midnight GMT time so I think its highly possible that the game is running on the GMT timezone so please account for this when you play, this should help you see the time in London right now to check its a new day.

Make sure that you are opening the game a-fresh everyday and not merely resuming, to be sure of this always close the game by press cn_guide to go home, then cn_start to open the menu and choose 'Quit' from there. It doesn't hurt to also open the game more than once a day.

This will also unlock the other achievements on their respective days
ROBLOX3 Day RollThe 3 Day Roll achievement in ROBLOX worth 132 pointsPlay Roblox 3 days in a row.
ROBLOX20 Day RollThe 20 Day Roll achievement in ROBLOX worth 611 pointsPlay Roblox 20 days in a row.
planting42Given what I've been hearing, I tend to think you are onto the right track. I played each day at about the same time (just before 1AM each day my time) and I got the 10 day achievement with no issue.
Posted by planting42 on 06 Feb 16 at 07:40
idlebluei was logging in everyday about the same time but one day i was a few hours late which would have put me past midnight GMT and didnt get my achievement when i should have. if you are right you will be getting a big thumbs up next week
Posted by idleblue on 10 Feb 16 at 00:51
idlebluefinally got it! I think you are right about the timing. No idea whats up with so many negs, your solution is definitely more useful than the other one. toast
Posted by idleblue on 14 Feb 16 at 14:48
REJECt444The GMT time zone is what worked for me. I have logged in every day since release but when you mentioned the GMT time zone i started keeping track based on that and it popped on day 10 like it was supposed to. +1
Posted by REJECt444 on 21 Feb 16 at 03:32
Shaunie McCardoIs there anyway to track your progress? I tried snapping the achievements app, but it doesn't give you a progress bar unfortunately. I think I may have messed up this weekend due to the time zone. I played at a different time to what I would have during the week.
Posted by Shaunie McCardo on 06 Mar 16 at 19:05
SpilnerNope no way at all, sorry
Posted by Spilner on 06 Mar 16 at 19:43
Iron Man TStarkthis is rubbish - easy 10 days and nothing
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 27 Apr 16 at 23:25
Octobot SuperYeah GMT midnight is 7:00 pm my time. Using that as a benchmark I got this no problem. I tested the extremes and woud log on at 6, then at 8, then wait until 6 two days later. Still unlocked.
Posted by Octobot Super on 08 Jan 17 at 12:32
Marcus BWFCI'm onto day 11 and nothing, hmmmmm
Posted by Marcus BWFC on 06 May 17 at 17:13
MrMagicZeroI tried for a month logged in multiple time a day nothing lol at least i enjoy roblox
Posted by MrMagicZero on 30 May 18 at 09:51
RoboTicS83got it in one row, worked perfectly. thanks for the solution.
Posted by RoboTicS83 on 13 Nov 18 at 07:24
Ms SoCal S4V4G3I can't get the achievement to pop for the 10 days and today makes my twelfth straight day logging in and actually PLAYING a couple of games. Does this have anything to do with my husband changing my online status to "appear offline" and it's been 2 days without me noticing ?
Posted by Ms SoCal S4V4G3 on 20 May 19 at 00:47
L4D Pills HereIt's been over 10 days and my streak hasn't reset but I still dont have this achievement
Posted by L4D Pills Here on 08 Dec 19 at 00:27
Posted by NeoMasster on 16 Feb 20 at 21:09
zhaolinjiai can confirm this achievement is base on GMT/UTC time.

and you do not need to get into a small game,just log in roblox is ok.
Posted by zhaolinjia on 29 Mar 20 at 00:26
EmG v SprayZzI played at 12:30 last night and just played now and popped this achievement so it's either buggy or not Gmt.
Posted by EmG v SprayZz on 09 Jun 20 at 19:44
AmericanRIC0I have opened it every day for 14 days at 7pm pacific and have only got my 3 day.
Posted by AmericanRIC0 on 14 Jun 20 at 09:47
lordzuuukoI'm on my 10th day and nothing either. Just the 3 days.
Posted by lordzuuuko on 18 Jul 20 at 06:22
Kendog116Im the same as these guys. 15 days now and still not got the 10 day cheevo. Im gonna start loading twice daily. After noon and midnight. Ill let you know my results
Posted by Kendog116 on 18 Sep 20 at 20:32
BARTLEBEEAgreed with the above posts. I actually lost count, but I know that I'm easily over 10 days, and haven't gotten the 10-day to pop :(
Posted by BARTLEBEE on 25 Sep 20 at 11:08
SpeciallyTDerpTook me 15 days to unlock.
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 28 Oct 20 at 00:33
HungryNic42On day 12 still no achievement?
Posted by HungryNic42 on 15 Jan at 06:21
Fa3eddo u know at what time I have to play if im from Mexico?
Posted by Fa3ed#5722 on 19 Jan at 14:08
VanGekogot it after 18 days.
Posted by VanGeko on 14 Apr at 09:20