Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Review by KAxelC

29 Jan 2016
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Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink, might not sound of much, but to me, it has the sound of a grand Steampunk adventure in the making, with a couple of quirky heroes named Ink and Glass, or rather... Glass and Ink! And looking at the cover, one can't help but be charmed by the warm smile of the woman... and wonder if this might be Glass... or Ink.

As it turns out, this charming steampunk lass is none other than Evangeline Glass, our very own protagonist throughout this Clockwork Tale! And yes, that is indeed a mechanical bird on her arm, Mrs Glass' sidekick, Matthew.

Anyways, let's get onwards with the Story!

The country of Gottland is threatened by a serious of earthquakes which occur with such frequency and precision, that old Dr. Ambrose Ink (A Steampunk Mastermind) starts to suspect that something is not right in the world. Earthquakes are a natural occurence, but one that science can explain fairly easily, these earthquakes... not so much.

The Doctor's investigations leads him to a small town in the mountains called Hochwald (located in the shadow of an ancient Castle), but Ink soon finds that this task is much bigger than even he can handle. It is time to call in the reinforcements, and this is where you come into the picture, Intelligence Agent Evangeline Glass, a brave lass with a sharp eye and nerves of steel.

Mrs. Glass arrive in Hochwald and is supposed to meet up with her old friend and mentor at the inn, but not long after... the Doctor dissappears mysteriously and Evangeline is on her own, well... almost on her own. Lets not forget her little sidekick, Matthew, which will come in handy throughout the adventure.

Since this entire game is one big Story that unfolds as you dig deeper into the game, I won't reveal anything else, lest I spoil the game for you.

So, lets move on to the Gameplay...

The Gameplay of Clockwork Tales

Right, this is a real adventure game in the good ol' fashioned style, and reminded me a lot of the games I played throughout my childhood, Monkey Island, King's Quest, Legends of Kyrandia and so forth, although... with much more pleasing graphics. And to be honest... a much more immersive storyline.

Maybe I should also note that, you don't actually move a character around on the screen as you did with the games above. No, you investigate everything from your pov, looking for clues to your friend's mysterious disappearence. It's quite simple actually, and if you play on anything but Expert, you'll get plenty of help along the way. However, if you are going for all achievements in your first playthrough, I would suggest playing on Expert, which honestly, isn't very hard.

So, look for clues around you. Pick up whatever you can, and along the way, make sure to play all the minigames (which is hard to avoid actually, as they make sure that you can advance the Story). It is quite easy to navigate back and forth through the various screens (locales), but I would also suggest using the map, as it can help you skip some parts quite fast.

The game's biggest flaw is also the thing that defines it, and while I liked the game plenty, it never felt very... dangerous (or intense). Honestly, I dont think you can actually die in this game (I might be wrong though), and there isn't really any dialogue (which is another thing that I really like in these kinds of games). So, lets get down to business...

The Final Judgment of Ink and Glass, sorry... Glass and Ink!

* Steampunk flavor... perfect!
* Overall story... very entertaining!
* Graphics... not too bad.
* Sounds and voice acting... hilarious and highly entertaining!
* Level of difficulty... extremely easy.

Personally, I was highly entertained for the 2-3 hours it took me to complete the entire game (including bonus chapter!), but not so much that I will ever go back to it. And honestly, this won't be a game that I can easily remember in a year or so. However, the achievements are easily gotten and as far as the price is concerned... you won't have to dine on stale bread and water for a week. So... good luck and I hope you enjoy your first Glass and Ink Clockwork Tale!