What in the World? (WP) Review by cenGii91

31 Jan 2016
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Well i thought this game would be fun, but it turned out it is a game with overloaded ads (after every ******* picture). And after you tapped on "X" there is again this disturbing question for liking on FB. I don't even really care about FB, so why it asks me again and again when i just tap NO?

Well despite this annoying ads the game itself was just a poorly drawn and boring game which is worth nothing, what surely explains the "free" title. Hell lot of bugs, game crashes and of course this ridicoulous gameplay. (Sometimes using the letter helpers did not work.)

So the good things:

+ Easy achievement hunting

- Annoying Ads and Game Popups
- Game Crashes too often
- Letter Helpers kinda buggy
- Unfinished Game (I play it in German and i HAD TO change the language in order to complete one puzzle)

So, if you just want to collect some GS, this is good for you, but don't expect anything big. After you complete this, you'll probably never play this s*** game again.
I8ITackyticsI8IVoted negative as it tells me nothing about the game at all. What is the game? What are the objectives? This reads more like an opinion than a review.
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 02 Feb 16 at 13:08
cenGii91Oh i am sorry. Didn't really thought about it. I expected, that you already know the game. I tried to tell you why i didn't like it. But i will take notice.

But isn't a review an opinion?
Posted by cenGii91 on 02 Feb 16 at 22:41
SilentJay76To answer your question - no. Your opinion is basically the rating. Or considering it "ridiculous gameplay." That's fine. But you don't say what the gameplay actually is. A review should give the reader an overview of the game - and then your opinion of it. ;-)
Posted by SilentJay76 on 28 Mar 16 at 13:33
cenGii91Ok, will remind that! Most of the games are already rewieved so i thought i can make one too for this game. But when i write a new one, i will focus on that, thanks for your opinion about my review!
Posted by cenGii91 on 28 Mar 16 at 14:27
SilentJay76You can still edit this one, if you want. Thumbs up/down can also be changed. ;-)
Posted by SilentJay76 on 28 Mar 16 at 14:36