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KO 1000 Opponents

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31 Jan 2016
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after getting the tournament champion achievement (winning the tournament with 20 characters) you should have roughly 900 or so KO's. You can boost the rest under 2-player with second controller. Pick Gorilla soldier because he has the most powerful punches and use someone small to beat-up (like shifu or mr. ping) change the options to KO match and set KO limit to 10. use any area you wish. I used jade palace because it had a smaller platform. you have to hit the other character off the screen. just running off the screen to die counts as a suicide NOT a KO. Each match to 10 takes about 5 min.
Jay InsomniakI needed upward of 250-300 gotta admit I lost track somewhere in the boredom. Also its faster to just do timed only matches since less loading screens.
Posted by Jay Insomniak on 24 Jun 17 at 09:15
GamePadZebbyPersonally I set stock to 10 with three opponents all on another team, then use Baby Po and spam aerial down and X. 30 KOs in around 3-4 mins
Posted by GamePadZebby on 23 Apr 18 at 16:49