What in the World? (WP) Review by PangoBara

02 Feb 2016
8 1 0
What in the World? is one of those games where you are given a picture (normally with things like words removed) and you must guess what the picture is of. This game, however, has been laced with bugs and ads. After almost any puzzle is solved either an ad, a Facebook thing, a game breaking crash, or a rate and review thing will appear. This will drain a lot of enjoyment out of the game.

Levels: There are 6 levels of 55 pictures each.

There are 5 different categories:
•Characters- All characters are within movies and shows.
•Cinema & TV- Names of different movies and shows.
•Places- Locations around the world.
•Celebrity- Just celebrities.
•Brands- Different brands from random recognizable companies.

There will be the picture in the middle, "letter aids" to the side of the picture, and a letter bank at the bottom to spell out the meaning of the picture.

This is the entire game.

+Easy Achievements
+Semi-Difficult Pictures to Guess (occasionally)

-Lots of Crashes
-Many, Many, MANY Ads
-Very Repetitive