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Defeat the Dealer.

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05 Feb 2016 05 Feb 2016
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As well-detailed as Dragoner28's guide is, I'm pretty sure this solution will allow you to easily defeat the Dealer with virtually no effort whatsoever.

Just progress through the levels like you normally would, but when you get into the three-block stretch right before the boss, make sure of two things. One, make sure you are afflicted with Midas Appetite, a curse that causes you to eat gold instead of food. Second, make sure you either found or purchased the Emergency Ring, which gives you a free resurrection at the cost of all your food. If you're missing either of these, just forfeit and try again until you have both.

I'm not sure if it's a glitch or what, but as long as you have both of these things in effect, you become invincible during actual combat. In my case, I reached the Dealer with 56 gold left over, and every time my health depleted, it just reset back to 56 health infinitely. I actually went back and re-tested this; the second time I got there I just left my controller sitting there, came back half an hour later, and the fight was still in progress.

Hopefully, this alternative method will work for anybody who's having trouble beating the Dealer legitimately.
DMGunner83I cannot see why you have been down voted on this

Just done it using this tactic and it made the last fight beatable- I would class this as legitimate - its just using a curse and item to compliment each othersmile

Also for anyone else trying this I had the curse where you get hit and you lose gold- just make sure you collect it again as its on the floor where you got hit- I spent lot of time diving round recollecting it- when the dealer hits you it pools right in front of him and when a turret hits you it pools at its base- I did this with 43 gold

Cant thumbs up this enough- also the above solution is good and I used a few of the pointers aswell
Posted by DMGunner83 on 07 Feb 16 at 16:19
Nupra79It didn't work at all for me.
Posted by Nupra79 on 08 Feb 16 at 11:04
DMGunner83I will try it beating the dealer with the warlord(hard) and see if I can get it to work again and let people know
Posted by DMGunner83 on 08 Feb 16 at 19:35
DMGunner83I have just beat the dealer with the warlord(hard) using this method- worked perfectly- Anyone who can do this without I take my hat off to as I ran out of health probably 100 times if not more in the last fight- I only had basic equipment to do it all as I avoided absolutely everything- just be aware the king of dust has an attack that can take gold off you in the dealer first phase that cannot be recovered.

Nupra79- Did you lose one of the items via a curse or by king of dust as I have done this twice and worked perfectly each time.
Posted by DMGunner83 on 08 Feb 16 at 23:37
Nupra79I've tried that method 2 times in a row, I didn't lose any equipment or curse and the only thing that could be possible is that King of Dust's attack you mentioned before. I've beated the dealer normally and maybe I'll give it a 3rd try for the warlord run.
Posted by Nupra79 on 09 Feb 16 at 10:50
Ereaser NLThe ring is unlocked by completing Blood Auction III.
I'll give this a shot as the teleporting rat keeps killing me in normal attempts.
Posted by Ereaser NL on 09 Feb 16 at 14:49
EJHOCKEYFANI was going for this method and managed to pull the Emergency Ring at the very start of the game. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the curse, but I was able to figure out a backup plan that made the boss fight pretty easy. At the final shop before the boss I bought everything I could in an attempt to draw the curse, but it didn't happen. Two of the items I bought however was the Blood Crescent sword (auto kill even on bosses in exchange for 20 health) and the Time Heals artifact (heals you 3 times). Now whenever you exchange 20 health for an auto kill, the time heals artifact with only heel you up to that number (ie. if you do one auto kill you can only heal up to 80 health). So round one I auto killed the middle guy as he spawned and then fought the last two guys normally (round one is pretty easy with only two people), healing back to 80 health at the end of the round. In the second round I auto killed the Skeleton to the left as it seems he revives the other Skeletons, and then fought the other two Skeletons normally (after taking out the the object that spawns Skeletons this round was easier than round one in my opinion), healing back to 60 health at the end of the round. Round three I auto killed the middle Rat (teleporter) as he spawned, dropping my health to 40. Then I rolled around until the ability came back and then auto killed whichever Rat wasn't throwing magic at me. That left me with 20 health, so I just stood in the far corner deflecting the last Rat's magic attacks back at him till he died (he never moved so this was an easy and safe method to kill him). In between rounds three and four I allowed the dealer to kill me, activating the Emergency Ring and bringing me back to full health. That left me at 100 health and one heal left in the bank for round 3. I auto killed the Lizard in the middle as he spawned as I believe he protects the other two lizards. Then I rolled around till the ability returned and then tried to auto kill the bigger of the two Lizards left, but it didn't work. I don't know if he blocked it or if he was immune or whatever. So I rolled around some more till the ability came back a third time and used it on the other Lizard and it killed him. That left me with 40 health and a heal against the one Lizard boss who the auto kill didn't work on. I fought him normally and almost had him down when he landed a few on me, so I healed for the last time, bringing my health back up to 60 (apparently the heal didn't punish me for the missed auto kill, as i was expecting to only heal up to 40). Finished him off and then the dealer for the win. Much more involved than your strategy, but still pretty easy and I figure people can use this as a backup plan. If they haven't gotten the curse and the ring by the final shop, they can just enter and exit the shop till they get the sword, artifact and ring and then try this strategy rather than restarting.
Posted by EJHOCKEYFAN on 14 Feb 16 at 06:35
ForbiddenJobuThis combination was beautiful, thank you.
Posted by ForbiddenJobu on 01 Mar 16 at 06:51
aneurysmiYaas! Works.
Posted by aneurysmi on 01 Mar 16 at 19:43
JissiI wish i could give you +2, not only +1... :)
Posted by Jissi on 20 Mar 16 at 11:00
ChaosAlertThis may be patched now. I had both the Midas curse and the Emergency Ring before the Dealer fight and did eventually die. Shame really as this boss fight is annoying as hell, and by the time you get there, you're cursed to hell and back. =/
Posted by ChaosAlert on 04 May 16 at 02:09
SilvosSeems to be patched, died after 3 heals. Basically when my gold reached 0.
Posted by Silvos on 13 Jul 16 at 18:50
Kez001Decided to give this a shot, despite the above comments indicating that it might be patched. I got "lucky" with the Midas curse at the beginning of the run but had no luck getting the ring...until the tile just before the boss fight when I entered a shop and found it for 30 gold, leaving me with 4 gold in my inventory. Stepping to the boss fight consumed my 4 gold and damaged me down to 7 health, so I assumed I was screwed, but something interesting happened: every time I died, I was resurrected AND my gold total went up by 4 each time, so by the end of the scales fight, I was receiving 50+ health every time I was revived. The biggest problem I had was figuring out HOW to beat the scales fight...completely forgot about the king's ability that prevents you from being able to kill any of the others until after he's dead.
Posted by Kez001 on 15 Jul 16 at 02:34
TBonePhoneTried this before reading the comments. I died when I finally ran out of gold. Had I realized this I would have sold more things before the final fight, or focused on having a larger stock of gold throughout the run. Still a very good strategy for the fight as it artificially boosts your health quite a bit but it is not invincibility.
Posted by TBonePhone on 25 Feb 18 at 18:19
DyssidentI would like to confirm that this trick still worked for me as infinite invincibility. I had the Midas Appetite curse, the Emergency Ring, and entered the Dealer battle with 24 gold. Every time I was "killed" it would reset to 24 HP and I would keep the 24 gold.
Posted by Dyssident on 10 Apr 19 at 01:19
Ftf KoolaidCan anyone confirm this still works?
Posted by Ftf Koolaid on 11 Aug 20 at 18:22
mike1809Great guide. This still works as of 11th February 2021. I was playing on warlord difficulty to grab that achievement at the same time.
Posted by mike1809 on 11 Feb at 20:19