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Elite Training

Complete all Soldier's Training encounters.

Elite Training0
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07 Feb 2016 07 Feb 2016
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Complete all Soldier's Training encounters.

Soldier Trading encounter cards are automatically added to your deck when you play on Soldier's Training Fate. Like most encounter cards in the game, you must complete one to unlock the next in the series. You will not need to customize your deck to include these cards, as playing your next session on Soldier will include the newly unlocked one. The quickest way to get your Soldier's Training encounter cards done with is to play Jack of Dust a few times in a row.

Soldier Training encounters require you to get your combo to a certain level for completion. (There are 3 total encounters. Level 1=15 combo, Level 2=20 combo, Level 3=30 combo) If you are struggling to keep a combo going, make sure you are countering every green indicator that pops up, and don't forget that you can abuse the shield bash ( cn_B ) to move the combo counter up over and over.

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