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Posted on 30 June 10 at 22:28
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Ok, I want to say first off that I'm a huge fan of the first Bioshock. I thought the story was incredible, the graphics were beautiful, I loved the 50's futuristic themes, and the music was great, and the twist in the end was one of the all time best in ANYTHING I'd ever seen. Even the gameplay was fantastic, so overall, it made sense that it won Game of the Year.

So as it would be, the idea of a sequel would be amazing. But that's just it right there. The IDEA of a sequel is a lot different than the sequel itself. Bioshock 2 was-in short-fun. Yes. I won't deny it. I love Rapture and would spend as many hours as I could walking around it. I love discovering all the new spots. all the new plasmids and what have yous, but when it comes right down to it, Bioshock 2 lacked STORY. That's not to say it lacked story like 2012, where the entire basis of that film was "Thank god I wasn't there 5 seconds ago." No, it lacked story in the sense of it didn't engage me. I need games that grab my attention. I need games that KEEP my attention. i need games that are interesting. Bioshock 2 wasn't ANY of these things. Bioshock 2 was kind of like that kid in high school that desperately wants to be your friend but he just can't get the "coolness" factor going so he eventually kidnaps you and puts a gun to your head forcing you to FINALLY pay attention to him.

As it was with the first one, the graphics were fine, the music was SO good, and it was FUN. I loved playing in Rapture. But really, how many times can you escape the same city? In Bioshock 2, you play as a Big Daddy, the safekeeper of the Little Sisters in the game, and you're the first one, awaken years later to search and rescue your little sister, who's all grown up and INCREDIBLY hot now. So it's essentially every Bruce Willis movie EVER made. And with her being so damn hot, it really doesn't help that she keeps calling you "Daddy". But the difference is that every spot in Bioshock 1 was memorable. Bioshock 2-imo-has NO memorable spots. Not only that, but for a Big Daddy, you seem a bit easy to kill, and maybe that's just because you're the original so you're weaker, but still, you're a gigantic dude in a tough diving suit with a drill, but you still seem so weak. And I understand that Splicers are tough guys, but I don't think they could handle a drill to the face.

Ultimately, playing as a Big Daddy was-to me-Bioshock 2's downfall. However, the game did save itself at the end where you get to play as a Little Sister and see how THEY see the world, and any game where little 8 year old girls are high on some sort of psychedelic drug is still a contender for Game of the Year in MY book.

WookieKiller247 SPOILER C'mon dude, when you came around the corner @ the end in slo-mo and there was all that tnt? That was an "oh sh%t" moment, I thought that was memorable.
Posted by WookieKiller247 on 03 Jul 10 at 11:11
NoBadKittens Ah, alright, I'll give you THAT at least. But what I really mean by "memorable" isn't MOMENTS, it's PLACES. I mean, I knew every single inch of the first Bioshock, what they looked like, the names, EVERYTHING. Sander Cohens gallery and home were SO memorable and I just didn't feel that any places in Bioshock 2 stood up to them. But to each his own :) yes, I do agree that I went "oh shit" at that moment.
Posted by NoBadKittens on 03 Jul 10 at 20:23
WookieKiller247 Fair enough, I hear ya!
Posted by WookieKiller247 on 03 Jul 10 at 21:04
BananaSausage47 I loved both games but if I had to pick a winner, it would have to be BioShock 2.
Posted by BananaSausage47 on 07 Jul 10 at 10:10
NoBadKittens Really?! How come? Could you explain? Just curious lol
Posted by NoBadKittens on 07 Jul 10 at 18:07