Alice: Madness Returns Review by DRAGONS 4 L1F3

12 Feb 2016
5 6 0
I Love Alice Maddness Returns. It's got a polished and smooth combat system which feels fun. It's got stunning environments and a great Voice cast. It may have 6 Chapters Although some are longer then others and sometimes you'll be in one Chapter for hours. As Collectables go There are 4 Different types Red Paint for Health, Pig Snouts for Secert areas or Progress, Bottles for concept art and Memorys for a more indepth of the Story. For Achievements it's fun with some being Chapter exclusive such as 52 pick up and Off with Her head, There are also 6 Achievements for beating the original Game. all in all It's got Amazing Music, Challenge (Puzzles especially) and Atmosphere. It is one of my personal loved games and I give it 10/10 it's not too short and not too long which makes a Wonderful Balance and does have replay value.