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Not so fragile after all

Finish each level from start to finish without dying

Not so fragile after all0
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13 Feb 2016 13 Feb 2016
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1) When you die you have to restart the level. There is no trick to avoid death. Death = restart!
2) If you have tangled up in yarn etc, you CAN use the D-Pad down cn_down to restart the latest checkpoint. Thats ok and will NOT void the "No Death" for this level. But a death will and you have to reload the whole level.

You can check in the main menu on any chapter picture if you have this chapter complete without dying. If you do a "No Death" run you see a little "golden crown" patch in the top left or right corner of each picture frame.

My walkthrough videos also show all secrets and missable chapter achievements. These are 100% guides for each chapter!

Chapter 1 - Thistle and weeds

Chapter 2 - The Sea

Chapter 3 - Berry mire

Chapter 4 - Mountain trek

Chapter 5 - Off the Rails

Chapter 6 - Down in a hole

Chapter 7 - How much is enough

Chapter 8 - The letter

Chapter 9 - Winter sun

Chapter 10 - Rust

Chapter 11 - Last leaf

Chapter 12 - Renewed
DukeVonLeoThanks for the guide man! I'm having a hard time with chapter 5 and 7 :(
Posted by DukeVonLeo on 13 Feb 16 at 23:32
OffenderBEGlitched for me, got al the golden crowns, but no achievement.
Posted by OffenderBE on 14 Feb 16 at 13:27
hunterIVIf there are only 12 levels, how do people have 17-18 levels completed with no deaths?
Posted by hunterIV on 15 Feb 16 at 03:25
xxxDarkRuleRxxx@TheFourthHunter You can replay levels a second (or more) times.
And if you don't die, it counts for the total.
Posted by xxxDarkRuleRxxx on 15 Feb 16 at 08:26
hunterIVThen I'm guessing someone has tried to complete the same level multiple times for achievement progress and it doesn't work?
Posted by hunterIV on 15 Feb 16 at 19:21
aubrey345Can you do the levels out of order?
Posted by aubrey345 on 17 Feb 16 at 18:26
KanchanaburiOf course you can do the levels out of order. Each level gives you 9% on the tracker. Only levels 1 to 11 count for this achievement. Level 12 does not, I watched the achievement app when I completed it. 9% for every level, 11 of them, equaling 99.9 rounded to 100%

Level 5 and 7 are the only hard ones. BOth have instant death areas fairly deep into the level which makes redoing them a bitch!
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 17 Feb 16 at 22:48
aubrey345I've done the first 5 but my cheevo tracker hasn't moved at all.
Posted by aubrey345 on 18 Feb 16 at 17:47
KanchanaburiTip for level 5.

When you get to the engine pistons (the 3 things you need to run under then leap over, when you go to leap over them, do 3 consecutive jumps, followed by a lasso. In other words, don't stop! I was jumping to one and then setting up for another jump, and kept falling off.

Tip for Level 7.

On the electricity part, the lightning comes in 3's and there is a long enough space to run between the last of the set of 3. Do not try jumping as the space between the thunder and the lightning can vary depending on your TV's lag.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 20 Feb 16 at 21:06
uhKillswitchMy achievement popped after finishing chapter 10. Was this supposed to happen?
Posted by uhKillswitch on 27 Feb 16 at 00:38
GhostDivision VI have all the golden crowns but the achievement won't unlock, am I the only one?
Posted by GhostDivision V on 10 Mar 16 at 11:27
danlher360I started playing the game yesterday and I completed chapter 2 without dying and I found all the secrets. Worked ok for me.
Posted by danlher360 on 21 Mar 16 at 20:11
TitianDanWheres the chapter select option? Do u have to finish the game first?
Posted by TitianDan on 17 May 16 at 19:58
BoatManJuzz07Odd it popped for me after level 11
Posted by BoatManJuzz07 on 01 Jun 16 at 11:18
R3f1CuLwell i give up ... this achievement pretty much single handedly ruined a great game... just like limbo .. .not dying in platformers is just aids ... sigh FeelsBadMan
Posted by R3f1CuL on 12 Aug 16 at 23:05
MilordeMKclap great job bro
Posted by MilordeMK on 04 Nov 16 at 03:58
IstIngilizBrilliant guides. Thanks very much!
Posted by IstIngiliz on 17 Jan 17 at 16:49
LegendI did 1 mission without dying and have 9% progress but have no gold cronw on paint. Weird.
Posted by Legend#5793 on 26 Jan 17 at 03:01
GHOST INS1DECheers for that Level 7 tip @Kanchanaburi - made that section so much easier
Posted by GHOST INS1DE on 01 Jun 17 at 14:28
GHOST INS1DECheers for that Level 7 tip @Kanchanaburi - made that section so much easier
Posted by GHOST INS1DE on 01 Jun 17 at 15:12
MulticronXDoes that thing where if you die, you hit the guide button, manage game, delete your local save, restart the game, then complete the level without dying give you crowns / achievement progress?
Posted by MulticronX on 24 Jun 17 at 16:42
Zasta 360GameTVNever tested, sorry
Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 24 Jun 17 at 20:50
AttestedBarley2Great guide and thank you @kanchanburi
Posted by AttestedBarley2 on 21 Nov 17 at 14:03
ZoZombifyThank you for the guides! So far, i've completed half of them without dying. Hopefully it won't take me long to complete the other six. laugh
Posted by ZoZombify on 07 Jan 18 at 00:46
pjamelevenThank you for these guides! I was watching them on YouTube until I found them here, lol.
Posted by pjameleven on 02 Jun 18 at 13:00
DiesskayTypically the kind of achievements developers had when they know the controls are broken.
Posted by Diesskay on 15 Nov 18 at 03:41
netstrykerThe tips from Kanchanaburi for levels 5 and 7 was very useful. In case of level 5, I done the pistons part different. I jumped on each piston not doing three consecutive jumps and lasso, I did one by one. The secret was, jump over the first, adjust the position over the piston (do it only when the piston is going up and with smoothly touches), jump for the next piston only when the pistons are on the top. I did the level 5 with NO DEATHS in my second try after use this method. Was in total 4 tries.

The level 7 was most complicated, on the thunders part the secret is pay attention on sound of thunders. Are three thunders in sequence, the first two are very close and the third a little after. After the third, there is enough space time to move safe. Heard the sound of thunder? Make a jump immediately, otherwise you wil die. After understand this, turns this part easy. Near of end of level, on the chains part, don't lasso the first hook over the gear where you can walk. Wait for the second hook while you are walking over the gear. The second hook is better alligned with the next hook where you must jump for proceed, anyway, take care with the electrified terminals. I did the level 7 with NO DEATHS in my sixth try.

At last, the begin of level 8 (The Letter), the crows part is not so hard, but you must have a lot of patience, there is no magic or any other tip. Just proceed when you sure is safe.
Posted by netstryker on 20 May 19 at 01:56
TheBoxyBearI got 2 crowns but the tracker is still at 9%
Posted by TheBoxyBear on 05 Jun 19 at 21:04
netstrykerIt happened with me, after I made everything right for Obsessive achievement. Simply try the procedure bellow:

With game running, open the game hub and browse for achievements list on the hub. This usually solves the achievement tracking problem for many games.

In case of someone don't know how do it:

With game running, press GUIDE BUTTON, go to your PROFILE, choose GAMES tab on the top, now, choose desired game bellow, in this case Unravel. The PROGRESS tab will be chosen automatically.

Usually until this point already solves, but, if necessary, try choose the achievement with tracking problem opening it with A BUTTON and wait a few seconds.

After the procedure simply press B BUTTON until you back to game.
Posted by netstryker on 05 Jun 19 at 21:46
TREX1979Amazing Guide and Tips from all - THANK YOU
Posted by TREX1979 on 18 Nov 20 at 04:43
ManicMurphyCheers for the guide.

The Level with the Crows.... OMG it's driving me crazy!
Posted by ManicMurphy on 20 Jan at 08:33