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Metal Mogul

Possess 300 or more Ore.

Metal Mogul0
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This is best attempted in endless mode, Also you must choose the iron hunger ruleset.

The Main idea is to stay alive long enough to get a ton of rings for massive gold generation after which you can buy out shops 3-4 times every time you run across one. In total getting this took me about 3 hrs, you can quit out and resume. it is possible to attain 300 ore by level 12 or so (which is when i popped it by getting very lucky w ore/field of poppy combo) but in previous attempts ive gone as deep as level 30ish.

I recommend doing this after the main game is completed , this will ensure you have the best possible understanding of which selections during encounters are worthwhile and which are not.

The advatage to using the list below is mainly to help get maximum benefit from the early stages of the endless game as well as when you have a chance to choose between items as a reward.

item name / ore awarded from smelting

Skeleton king sword 10
Axe 1
Rusty axe 1
Undead bane 8
scorching zeal 8
lifes limb 7
Mace 1
Sword 1
Deperate measures 8
Frost fang 5
Shieldbreaker 7
Rat cleaver 7
Kraken claw 9
Blood crescent 10
Thunderstrike 12
Huge hammer 9
Viking blade 8
Battle hammer 9
Mortal whimsy 10
Undead bane 8
Dragon tongue 11
Lion prince sword ?
White Minotaur mace 8*
Hellblade 1

Shield 1
Innocence 4
Dragon shield 7
Fortitudes breath 5
Emperors jewel 8
Skeleton king shield 5
Enormous shield 7
Pain 7

mithril 11
depth of night 9
chains of rage 7
Medium armor 2
Berserker armor 9
Light armor 1
Dragon armor 8
Wilderness armor 8
Forbidden armor 11
Invisible hand 9
armor of the watcher 6
armor of cold 8
Immovable object 6
Heavy armor 5
Occult reflection 9

Mage gloves 5
Assassins greed 5
Fleet cuffs 4
Crushing grips 4
Dragon claws 5
Hag's wraps 5

Dragon helm 9
Skeleton king helm 4
Golden mask 4
explorers helmet 3
oracles diadum 7
kraken wrath mask 9
mages mask 4
Hernes antlers 3
Plunderers cap 7
Nomadic helm 5
Healing cap 6
Skullcap of prophecy 4
Angels wing 4
Mask of extortion 6
Soldiers furore 4
Scavengers cap 4
Clairvoyent helm 9
Fates folly 8
Helm of reflection 8
Mages scorn 4
Iron hunger helm 5
fools gold 2
shadow agent helm 5
Great helm of reinforcement 4
Lion prince helm 9
Merchants guard helm 4
Hoarders desire helm 4
Monk helm 6
Goblin king crown 3

Consuming shame 7
damocles 6
alchemical silver 6
arrow cutter 5
spirit walk 7
Folded steel 7
Detonator 6
Mercenary contract 7
Chain bomb 9
War cry 9
Time heals 4
Dragons breath 6
Lightning crash 8
Feathered ice 6
Eye of the storm 7
Inferno potion 6
Mage Strike 7

Ore formula
Regular Item shop cost/5 - 1 = ore generated
Example:desperate measures costs 48 gold/5 = 9.6-1 = 8.6 (8 ore is generated)

-For this reason if you were given the choice in a shop between desperate measures which costs 48 or scorching zeal which costs 45 the better pick would be scorching zeal as it saves you 3 gold and yields the same amount of ore.

Tips section
Gold is king! Rings are queen! Curses are the bastard child that the king had with that wench the queen can not stand!

Early on the golden mask can be fantastic but by the time you get around the 10th floor or so it may be more prudent to switch it out for a more survival based helm.

Buy mercenary contract asap.

Get rid of the troublesome curses. Specifically any that involve gold, rings or your ability to fight in combat. Do not bother removing the 300 gold curses, they are not worth the cost usually.

Do not ever buy the ring of engorging which reduces gold income by half. food is of little value in this mode beyond paying for certain encounters.

Be aware that having the ring of fulfillment can be bad,with this ring equipped. If you have 0 food and then draw a lose food card it will remove max health.

Dragon tongue/kraken sword, kraken mask, hag wraps and immovable object help make you nearly invincible during combat, this is the optimum gear combo in my opinion. For actual combat the skeleton kings shield is best while outside of combat fortitudes breath is preferred.

Kraken sword is the best weapon in the game on its own. It ignores lizardmens shields, does double damage to lizardmen and against all enemy types once you reach about 10 on the combo meter it does a conical Area of effect attack everytime you do a heavy strike , this can cause INSANE amounts of gold generation when coupled with mercenary contact. I have generated around 200 gold in one fight doing this.After the kraken sword i recommend flame tongue or scorching zeal. Blood crescent is great as well but does not have the gold generating ability the others possess.

For armor strive for mithril or immovable object. Immovable is the best.

Fortitudes breath is the best shield for this mode because even though it says 'food' it also applies to saving you one ore every 4th encounter. Skeleton king shield and enormous shield are very solid choices as well , both have combat advantages. Skeleton king can stun all enemies and straight up kill most skeletons while enormous shield improves your armor rating which is good if you find yourself taking too much damage.

Items which increase the rating of your armor (great helm of reinforcement and enormous shield) will be beneficial even if youre already at heavy rating.

Another advantage to Having a massive amount of rings is that it greatly reduces your chances of losing a key item upon drawing a lose equipment card.

DO NOT give the metal ore card to the elder lizard , you will lose 75 ore as a result. The holy temple encounter seems to be glitched and does not reduce your ore by 75 , the battle hammer will give 9 ore when smelted.

A partially used artifact produces just as much ore as a fully charged one, best to use it down to one charge then replace it, however know that if you purchase it in a shop later on it will have the same charge count as when sold. Always use all charges on a great artifact like mercenary contract.

Always Try to avoid encounters which could possibly curse you unless its very early in the game and you're willing to risk it.

No matter how invincible you feel inside combat it is always possible the RNG gods will not favor you at some point. A specific string of curses can spell doom for any hero. I had over 300+ hp at level 30 , I was taking hardly any damage during combat and was generating gold like crazy. I pulled starvation (doubles food requirement) , a couple reduce % max health cards , skin rash (pull from the pain deck every 4th step) and then pulled the dreaded infected rings card (does 5 damage for every ring you have).All this in combination with no priest or healer for 2 floors spelled my doom. I mention this because if this happens to you try not to get discouraged and immediately start a new game, it happens to everyone.

WARNING:::::: if you wish to attempt the dashboarding trick it is possible it could corrupt your data causing you to start over completely in the story mode. However doing so will almost ensure you wil get this on your first attempt. The dashboard trick is simply returning to dashboard and closing the game if you get a chance encounter you do not win, then when you return to the game it will return you to the moment before you moved to that encounter card thereby giving you unlimited attemps.however effective this method is it also is very time consuming and imo not fun so i advise against it.:::::WARNING

EDIT:thanks to the allslayer , I argonaut I and remeki for some additional information.
The AllslayerAre you just assuming you lose the ore if you give metal ore to the elder lizard or holy forge or did you test it? I didn't lose any when I did it.
Posted by The Allslayer on 15 Feb 16 at 00:20
NINja277I did lose it , didnt think i was going too. Totally pissed me off when i saw 75 ore disappear.

Were tou playing stiry mode by chance? Because i notice some things act differently in endless mode.

For instance the sunken treasure card gives up to 12 ore per attempt in endless but in story it just gave me something like health draw.
Posted by NINja277 on 15 Feb 16 at 01:38
NINja277I did pop this already btw too. My achievement hasnt updated yet for some reason.
Posted by NINja277 on 15 Feb 16 at 01:39
The AllslayerNope endlesss, weird. It was holy forge btw haven't done it with the elder lizard, maybe it's different for each? That or theres only a chance you lose it.
Posted by The Allslayer on 15 Feb 16 at 02:09
RemekiFrom my experience lizard takes it away, but holy forge doesn't seem to. That said the hammer you get from the forge is only worth around 9 ore, so it's not really worth it anyway.
Posted by Remeki on 15 Feb 16 at 02:29
NINja277Well that is odd... I will change the solution to reflect this information. My encounter was with the lizard , i assumed it held true w the holy forge as well.
Posted by NINja277 on 15 Feb 16 at 08:00
The AllslayerI just gave it to the lizard and lost it too and this is the same run where I already used it for the holy forge and I haven't found another inbetween. So I guess the holy forge is glitched and doesn't actually take the item.
Posted by The Allslayer on 15 Feb 16 at 15:24
NINja277Okay thanks for the followup. I will edit the solution to reflect that since you and remeki confirmed the same thing.
Posted by NINja277 on 15 Feb 16 at 16:09
I Argonaut IWhite Minotaur mace smelts to 8 Ore
Posted by I Argonaut I on 27 Feb 16 at 20:55
NINja277Thanks argonaut adding that now
Posted by NINja277 on 28 Feb 16 at 20:52
Fear CatalystLooking at the wiki is also useful for the ore amounts, and it's more organized.

Also, I recommend getting the Ring of Fulfilment as soon as possible, as every 1 food = +1 max health.
Posted by Fear Catalyst on 09 Mar 16 at 04:29
BOLD GAMERVery appreciative for the smelting amounts list. UpgradePolecat's solution was far more calculated though and didn't require as much 'luck'. For everyone having difficulty getting this achievement on endless mode, I would go that one.
Posted by BOLD GAMER on 09 Mar 16 at 07:38
NINja277@fear catalyst
im pretty sure that the wiki was updated after i made this list (possibly using my data) because prior to making it i checked the wiki and nothing was there. The wiki was also last updated not long ago and was missing the exact items i had not listed yet... Coincidence?

As far as the ring of fulfillment i recommend NOT getting it as per the reason i state in my solution. getting that ring is a net loss eventually.

@bold gamer
There really is no luck involved except the first two floors and above floor 25 or so. While polecats requires luck in finding the gem since it is required. Also His solution is only possible Due to heavy use of dashboarding and replaying levels to find the quickest path through a floor. Of course applying these techniques to my solution pretty much guarantees you will unlock it as all my attempts were straight up playing. Either way though, spend 3 hrs doing it my way once or multiple 1+ hr runs (depending on luck) using polecats method is up to the user.

WARNING:to those who decide to dashboard liberally, some have reported doing so corrupts their data as such erasing all their progress in the game so use at your own risk.
Posted by NINja277 on 19 Mar 16 at 14:34
ROGUE 1992If you manage to get the ghost of the sea and keep quitting and returning until she gets rid of all curses it basically breaks the game in your favour. You don’t need to worry about soul gem which I could never save scum. But also it doesn’t adjust prices on items so everything remains cheap.
Posted by ROGUE 1992 on 11 Dec 17 at 08:34
SciKoI just passed 300 iron ore four times (same game, went below then up again) with a peak at 314 and didn't get the achievement. I used dashboard trick a few times but didn't overdo it. I tried unlocking Another achievement on FIFA 18 and it popped instantly, still nothing on this one.

Has anybody gotten the same problem as me? Any and all help is greatly appreciated =/
Posted by SciKo on 22 May 18 at 22:43

i didnt use any dashboard tricks so i can not say for sure whether this may have been a contributing factor to your achievement not popping.

the only two pieces of advice i have is either try opening up the gamehub and go the achievements for the game as this sometimes gets achievements stuck in limbo to pop.

if that doesnt work did you perhaps sign out of your account multiple times or have some other connection issue that may have messed it up?

if gamehub doesnt work you may simply have to do it without dashboarding
Posted by NINja277 on 23 May 18 at 17:52
SciKoI am at a loss. I once again managed to get over 360 iron ore in endless, this time on a different Xbox console and still no achievement unlocking. And since the first time it didn't unlock I have unlocked all other achievements from the same DLC (Wildcards) so I just can't wrap my head around this. I'm devastated to be honest cry
Posted by SciKo on 30 May 18 at 23:01