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Grease Monkey

Customize the Decal, Topper, Rocket Boost and Wheel on a car

Grease Monkey0
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17 Feb 2016 23 Jul 2017
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From the main menu head into the 'Garage' and apply a new item in each of the 7 categories, use cn_LB/cn_RB to change categories:
• Decals
• Paint
• Wheels
• Rocket Trail
• Topper
• Antenna
• Trail (Just press cn_A on the only available one [as of July update])
There is at least one item unlocked for each category from the off when using the Octane body so this can be unlocked straight away. You do not need to change all 4 paint colours but I did in my video to be sure.
Press cn_A on the new items to apply them for the achievement.

Here's a quick video (missing the trail though)

This will also unlock
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DnB GnasherI don't have any decals unlocked. How do I unlock one?
Posted by DnB Gnasher on 18 Feb 16 at 02:37
SpilnerTry the Octane body, I had 4 from the off
Posted by Spilner on 18 Feb 16 at 02:38
DnB GnasherGot it, thank you.
Posted by DnB Gnasher on 18 Feb 16 at 04:17
SpilnerIll specify the Octane in the solution now then, thanks.
Posted by Spilner on 18 Feb 16 at 11:45
zamacgod303Any idea why this is not unlocking
Posted by zamacgod303 on 20 Feb 16 at 00:02
SpilnerSome achievements get stuck in this game (no idea why) but force closing the game (and maybe (achievement app too) and reloading seems to sort it out
Posted by Spilner on 20 Feb 16 at 00:08
zamacgod303I did that than it changed to done unlocking 3 days ago
Posted by zamacgod303 on 20 Feb 16 at 03:58
SpilnerYou didn't mention it was done unlocking, see the OP here 'Done! Unlocking...' what does it mean?
Posted by Spilner on 20 Feb 16 at 11:35
KillrNutMine is also stuck on 'done... unlocking'. Stupid.
Posted by KillrNut on 25 Feb 16 at 22:52
Dark Death 90Even on octane body, there is no topper unlocked...
Posted by Dark Death 90 on 12 Jun 16 at 04:02
WoodyhnoI have the same issue as Dark Death 90... my Octane vehicle does not have a topper unlocked.
Posted by Woodyhno on 20 Jun 16 at 08:56
Flint HisanThis achievement won't unlock for me. I even completely turned off my Xbox to see if that would help; it didn't.
Posted by Flint Hisan on 18 Feb 17 at 01:09
Russell LeCroyI also have no topper unlocked for my Octane or any other body type.
Posted by Russell LeCroy on 18 Feb 17 at 02:00
Supastar1980It won't unlock for me and I did all that was on the video
Posted by Supastar1980 on 07 Jul 17 at 06:17
Stevo6483There are more customisation options now (tire trail, and the goal effect) so you might also need to do them. I'm yet to confirm this, but currently I only have the default tire trail and I've not been able to pop this yet.
Posted by Stevo6483 on 10 Jul 17 at 10:09
Supastar1980I did those and still nothing there was only one tire trail to do on there
Posted by Supastar1980 on 11 Jul 17 at 04:05
Supastar1980never mind I got it now
Posted by Supastar1980 on 11 Jul 17 at 08:00
RadanseDid you do something in particular to get the unlock?
Posted by Radanse on 11 Jul 17 at 12:13
Pending DemiseAnyone having issues with this achievement due to trails use the Hogsticker body and enable its trail. Plus from my understanding of how I achieved this it is cumulative.
Posted by Pending Demise on 11 Jul 17 at 17:14
Supastar1980I got it once I clicked on the tire trail and once i did that it unlocked even though its only one tire trail
Posted by Supastar1980 on 12 Jul 17 at 11:53
aneurysmiThis needs to be in the solution, now:

Click A on the (already selected, only) "Trail."

Posted by aneurysmi on 23 Jul 17 at 06:30
SpilnerIts in there now
Posted by Spilner on 23 Jul 17 at 13:33
Stevo6483Pressing A on the stock Trail is what did it for me. Hadn't tried that earlier, thought you'd need a new one to equip. thumbs up
Posted by Stevo6483 on 25 Jul 17 at 10:34
Streak LeaderThis WILL not pop for me. Went into creating a new preset and still nothing.
Posted by Streak Leader on 05 Oct 17 at 14:33
The Real DaemonSame, no matter what I try I can't get this to pop.
Posted by The Real Daemon on 09 Oct 17 at 16:54
Hexa FoxThis is currently unobtainable as of September 29th. No one has unlocked it for about two weeks now. They better get around to fixing it.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 11 Oct 17 at 08:44
The Real DaemonDoes anyone know if there is anyone we can contact about this? I made a bug report on their support website, but is there anyone else on Twitter perhaps?

There was an update on the 28th of September, which I am assuming broke the achievement.
Posted by The Real Daemon on 15 Oct 17 at 18:17
Jim E 27The PS4 update broke the Grease Monkey trophy as well. I was able to unlock it by obtaining a physical disc copy of the game, copying the save data to an external drive, deleting the digital copy, and playing the physical copy of the game offline using the solution above.

I do not own a Xbox One, so I can not verify if this will work or not. Just an idea to pass along and perhaps someone could give it a try.
Posted by Jim E 27 on 16 Oct 17 at 01:52
Streak LeaderI have been corresponding with support. I have made them very aware that the achievement is broken. Also, the latest update did not address it.

This is the latest response from them:

Hey Patrick ,
Thank you very much for reporting this. This is a confirmation that I have notified our developers who are currently investigating this. At the moment I'm not able to give you an exact date for when this might be fixed, but please follow us on Twitter to get updates:
Best regards,
Rocket League Support
Posted by Streak Leader on 18 Oct 17 at 00:37
Hexa FoxThere are a handful of people unlocking this achievement now. I am going to guess it is because the Halloween event has a trail you can acquire.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 18 Oct 17 at 21:16
The Real DaemonThanks for the update Streak Leader.

I unlocked the Halloween trail for 40 candy corn and the achievement still hasn't unlocked for me.
Posted by The Real Daemon on 19 Oct 17 at 14:52
Hexa FoxYeah same here, the trail from the Halloween event did not work for me either.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 19 Oct 17 at 23:46
Hexa FoxThere are literally hundreds of people unlocking this achievement. I have been paying attention to the amount of users that have it. It is increasing a good deal all of the time. I guess they are getting it doing a workaround or backdating it somehow?
Posted by Hexa Fox on 23 Oct 17 at 04:39
l H1DD3N lYeah cause I still haven't unlocked it yet 😐
Posted by l H1DD3N l on 25 Oct 17 at 17:24
Streak LeaderThe most recent winner of this achievement on TA is from September 28. If someone is getting it, they're not on TA.
Posted by Streak Leader on 31 Oct 17 at 00:29
MasterMinshewThe tracker for people who have unlocked this keeps going up though. I first started keeping track at around 79,722. It is now at 79,751. What must be happening is people are probably deleting their save data, deleting the game updates or using the disk version of the game, and getting this achievement offline without the update that broke the achievement. So TA won't update the Recent Winners list because the people popping it won't have a timestamp.

I've opened up a support ticket with Rocket League explaining the issues with this achievement. They say that the team is aware of the issue and are trying to fix it but have no ETA just yet. If you want to help speed up the process I would suggest opening up a ticket yourself. The more people that complain/voice their frustrations the quicker they will work to find a fix.
Posted by MasterMinshew on 31 Oct 17 at 10:12
Hexa FoxYeah people are literally unlocking it every single day. It might not be in the hundreds, but the number is definitely fluctuating over time. I have the disk version and thought about doing that. However, remember you cannot unlock achievements offline. So they would have to complete the requirements and sign back in correct? Then the achievement would pop and stamp whenever they signed back in.

Unless I am wrong, there is definitely something fishy going on here. I am going to the link MasterMinshew provided right now. I was going to do this before but have been busy.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 02 Nov 17 at 01:04
The Real DaemonThere was an update today that fixed the achievement. I unlocked it as soon as I got in the game.
Posted by The Real Daemon on 10 Nov 17 at 13:29
AstariahThis achievement not unlocking for me 😢
Posted by Astariah on 18 Nov 17 at 20:02
AstariahWell I changed engine type and that got it to pop 😀
Posted by Astariah on 19 Nov 17 at 21:00
netstrykerI got the achievement when I pressed "A" button over stock Trail that was already selected by default.
Posted by netstryker on 23 Jan 18 at 05:35
KACG SoMMWith the new engine sounds update, you will also need to change that before it will unlock!
Posted by KACG SoMM on 19 Mar 18 at 15:03
milkweed85New Patch seems to have fixed my Grease Monkey Problem
Posted by milkweed85 on 01 May 18 at 20:57