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Watch a save file in Replay mode

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17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016
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Before you can try this you firstly need to save a replay which you can do at the end of a match by pressing the 'Save Replay' button.

Now with a saved replay go into the 'Extras' menu from the main menu and then select your replay from the 'Replays' section and watch it, as you do not need to watch the whole thing the achievement pops once the video starts.

Here's where the save replay button is
External image
PatchyEoinThis wont pop for me for some reason ive tried numerous times :( thanks for your help though
Posted by PatchyEoin on 11 Mar 16 at 09:20
EverStoned77What's up with the negative votes,someone found it too hard or what lol laugh
Thanks for the help smile
Posted by EverStoned77 on 12 Jun 16 at 17:51
DelaneyRThis is also not popping for me!
Posted by DelaneyR on 08 Jan 17 at 14:01
Yellows OUFCSame here.
Posted by Yellows OUFC on 04 Aug 17 at 01:04
LuxusFrontierstill seems to be broken
Posted by LuxusFrontier on 07 Jul 18 at 08:15
jarvis incYou can hit view now right after you click save replay. No need to bother with extras menu.
Posted by jarvis inc on 09 Mar 19 at 07:20
EverStoned77Just thought I'd add that of the 4 saying that it won't pop all but 1 have had it pop on the same date as they posted in here so I think it's more likely a delay in popping which this game is rather known for than a problem with nether the solution nor the achievement but hey just my 2 cents, good luck though wave
Posted by EverStoned77 on 17 Mar 19 at 17:21