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Hot Shot, Part Two

Win the MVP award using Backfire, Scarab, or Zippy

Hot Shot, Part Two0
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17 Feb 2016 18 Feb 2016
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You can do this solo with one controller.

Head into the garage and set your Body type to 'Scarab or Zippy'. They need to be unlocked by winning matches but Zippy unlocked with only a few wins but I think it is random.

Now setup a 2v2 exhibition match with no bots with the mutator for 'Max Score' set to '1Goal'. Once loaded auto join any team with cn_A and score the only goal which ends the game and makes you the MVP.

If the achievement isn't unlocking its possible that you're game is having issues that the game has been having from its initial launch, make sure to force quit the game and reopen to retry it.

Since some don't believe you can do it with no bots here's a poorly shot video of my unlocking it on an alt, best I can record with on xbox One with achievement pops, sorry.
AbsolutioN IXYou don't necessarily need two controllers, I just picked the Zippy and won in a regular season game against bots.
Posted by AbsolutioN IX on 17 Feb 16 at 04:14
Hurricane HamI didn't even have the bots.. 2v2 no bots, no 2nd controller.
Posted by Hurricane Ham on 17 Feb 16 at 04:46
SpilnerWeird I wasn't getting MVP alone
Posted by Spilner on 17 Feb 16 at 10:20
ClassyWingsYup, just got it without any bots in a 2v2 match laugh
Posted by ClassyWings on 17 Feb 16 at 13:15
Ehrenfried2vs2 no bots, score one goal worked!
Posted by Ehrenfried on 17 Feb 16 at 20:34
SpilnerI'm wondering if the people who voted negatively have got achievement issues they don't know about.
Posted by Spilner on 17 Feb 16 at 20:34
Jason SYou need bots to get this achievement.
Posted by Jason S on 18 Feb 16 at 07:24
SpilnerNot according to others i will test on another account to try later
Posted by Spilner on 18 Feb 16 at 11:17
SpilnerAdded video proof
Posted by Spilner on 18 Feb 16 at 11:46
RawwwrrrrrI think it's that you can't get an MVP award in a 1v1.
Posted by Rawwwrrrrr on 19 Feb 16 at 09:42
SpilnerIve already stated 2v2 in the solution for that reason, can play any of the standard team sizes solo still with no bots (1v1-4v4)
Posted by Spilner on 19 Feb 16 at 11:01
TheMoose76Followed the steps and worked on firs try. smile
Posted by TheMoose76 on 19 Feb 16 at 15:51
Posted by Spilner on 19 Feb 16 at 16:17
dufffmannndefinitely glitched. I got MVP in a 2v2 online using the octane car and it didn't unlock
Posted by dufffmannn on 20 Feb 16 at 20:20
xLil SheWolfxI can confirm you can do it solo just did an 4v4 exhibition Match with no bots using the Zippy car and it unlocked instantly. +1
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 22 Feb 16 at 12:16
WhoIsJohn117Tried it with the Octane multiple times. Came to this solution, tried it with the Scarab, and got it the first time. +1
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 16 Mar 16 at 02:25
NoHeroes94Does it have to be 2v2 minimum? Would explain it as i tried it quickly last night and i did 1v1 and it didn't work
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 19 May 16 at 08:30
SpilnerYup, that's why i say 2v2 in the solution wink
Posted by Spilner on 19 May 16 at 09:03
Epsilon FactorThanks for this solution. This worked on the first try, took around 30 seconds and earned me 3 achievements! "Hot Shot, Part Two", "SARPBC Forever", and "Friendly" dance
Posted by Epsilon Factor on 03 Jun 16 at 23:09
qManballinStill works!
Posted by qManballin on 07 Jun 16 at 17:06
Posted by STAGGERILLA on 09 Jun 16 at 16:54
Deadsh0tGGHere to confirm that it works as stated in the solution! Thank you man! +1
Posted by Deadsh0tGG on 09 Jun 16 at 21:16
zoidberg1339Isn't popping for me using the Octane and bots
Posted by zoidberg1339 on 09 Jun 16 at 23:11
ShoelessJPThis worked for me with the Scarab. Thank you!
Posted by ShoelessJP on 10 Jun 16 at 13:20
Mad HecticWorked for me with Scarab first time +1 thanks bud
Posted by Mad Hectic on 10 Jun 16 at 16:29
SpilnerSolution doesn't say to use octane, zoidberg1339
Posted by Spilner on 10 Jun 16 at 16:43
AckisDidn't work with Octane, worked with Scarab. Walkthrough suggests using Octane.
Posted by Ackis on 12 Jun 16 at 18:27
SpilnerWell this solution isn't the walkthrough and this tells you to not use octane. If octane is wrong for the WT tell that author not me.
Posted by Spilner on 12 Jun 16 at 18:53
Limmy14Spot on!
Posted by Limmy14 on 13 Jun 16 at 09:34
Tre4This achievement isn't popping for me. I don't usually have issues with achievements popping if I know I am doing something right. Doing Exhibition match rumble 4v4 with no bots. Was this achievement changed or patched for the described method?
Edit: Restarted my Xbox as well just to make sure, and still no luck.
Posted by Tre4 on 23 Dec 16 at 04:21
LegendWorked for me with:
a) zippy
b) exhib 2v2 (1v1 didn't work)

Great solution.
Posted by Legend#5793 on 18 Jan 17 at 11:51
FatalBrushIt worked for me with the following setting:
a) zippy, nothing costumed
b) exhib 2v2 with amateur bots
Posted by FatalBrush on 12 Feb 17 at 09:46
Sharlak IntulakI just unlocked it. Used the Zippy with my random costumes etc, 2v2 no bots and set to 1 goal win. Tried many other vehicles, but it worked with Zippy
Posted by Sharlak Intulak on 17 Feb 17 at 18:14
GRAND NOBLEWorked with zippy for me. (with plenty of accessories btw)

2v2, no bots, 1 goal.

Thumbs up
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 15 Jan 18 at 07:01
dropK1CK ninJAWorked with scarab.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 13 Mar 18 at 10:56
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzUsed zippy..2 v bots..1 goal...cheevo! 😝
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 09 Apr 18 at 07:59
VCS 2600 Atarilike a charm!
Posted by VCS 2600 Atari on 28 Apr 18 at 04:25
darkavenger786From personal experience, this didn't unlock for me using this guide. Tried without bots, nothing. Tried both cars, nothing. Went into a 2v2 game against bots and set it to 1 goal limit. Unlocked staright after the match
Posted by darkavenger786 on 05 Aug 18 at 22:07
SpilnerWell unless an update changed something my video is there as proof it works(/not)
Posted by Spilner on 05 Aug 18 at 22:36
ACxSkywalkerAs of 12/29/19 - Can confirm it works with Zippy (not Octane that I normally use).

Rookie Bots
1 goal to win
Posted by ACxSkywalker on 29 Dec 19 at 14:11
minisim24I even forgot to turn the bots back on after doing another achievement, but this still unlocked! Still had it on 2v2 though
Posted by minisim24 on 25 Jun 20 at 19:00
cjr stoneConfirmed it still works!
Posted by cjr stone on 27 Jun 20 at 18:18
Michale201709.05.2021 Still works !
Posted by Michale2017 on 09 May 21 at 11:19
TRIPD0NTF4LLyou must be in 2v2 to get the mvp award
Posted by TRIPD0NTF4LL on 18 Sep 21 at 03:43
RabidWompRatWorked for me! 10/18/21! Thanks!
Posted by RabidWompRat on 19 Oct 21 at 03:42
PHARREAL87I used backfire and it worked.
Posted by PHARREAL87 on 13 Dec 21 at 02:25