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Use the Standard or Accelerato Boost with Octane or Backfire while playing in Urban Central

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Obscure AleObscure Ale233,850
17 Feb 2016 27 Feb 2016
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To unlock this achievement you first need to unlock the Accelerato Boost then play a game on the Utopia Coliseum using one of the original battle-cars Octane, Zippy, Backfire or Scarab.

Fastest way to do this is to create an Exhibition Match and select Utopia Coliseum as the Arena and once the game starts hold downcn_RT then press cn_B to boost and this achievement will pop.

*Item unlocks are random so the Accelerato boost could be one of the first items you unlock or possible one of the last just keep playing games to unlock an item each time.

*To check if you have unlocked the Accelerato boost check in the garage menu under the Rocket Trails section.
ClassyWingsGreat solution, but one thing to add is that you need a original battle-car. So you can only use the Octane, Zippy, Backfire and Scarab.
Posted by ClassyWings on 17 Feb 16 at 22:14
Obscure AleThanks for that Iv'e added that in!
Posted by Obscure Ale on 17 Feb 16 at 22:39
PunchedInTheEarIt might be obvious but is there a way to see if you have the Accelerato boost?
Posted by PunchedInTheEar on 18 Feb 16 at 22:13
BeinhardsenEnter your garage and scroll right until you get to the rocket trails. It should be sorted alphabetically.
Posted by Beinhardsen on 19 Feb 16 at 02:20
TuKraZeCommon sense tells me that the Rocket Trials section under the customization options is where you will find the Accelerato after unlocking it, however to ensure others do not have this problem i'd suggest mentioning it in the Solution. Just a tip :)
Posted by TuKraZe on 19 Feb 16 at 22:51
dalton32389typo you spelled trails wrong
Posted by dalton32389 on 25 Feb 16 at 08:06
marknocturnalIt glitched for me, I activated Accelerato, had the right car, right arena, tried removing topper and flag, switched car, removed mutates but still nothing. Then I tried playing online but I was not logged in to the Rocket League servers. Tried it again and it popped.
Posted by marknocturnal on 15 Mar 16 at 17:01
JeroenRosYou might want to add that the achievement doesn't unlock when playing Utopia Colloseum (night), but it does when playing Utopia Colloseum (dusk)
Posted by JeroenRos on 19 Jul 17 at 10:49
C3LLDW3LLERHow do you unlock accelerator boost? Online or exhibition?
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 22 Oct 17 at 13:21
Obscure Ale@C3LLDW3LLER It's just one of the items that unlock after completing any match but it's random which order you get them so it could be the first or the last you unlock.
Posted by Obscure Ale on 22 Oct 17 at 16:47
Jima9003Works perfectly, unlocked without problems
Posted by Jima9003 on 21 Nov 19 at 05:09
EmG v SprayZzThis is in the boost section not rocket trails.
Posted by EmG v SprayZz on 12 Jun 20 at 19:20
SoundgoodizerYou need to play on Urban Central for this, not Utopia Coliseum
Posted by Soundgoodizer on 06 Oct 20 at 20:52
NedMandingo3rdJust popped this with Octane in Urban Central with Standard boost. No need to unlock Accelerato anymore.
Posted by NedMandingo3rd on 02 Nov 20 at 06:39
SincereSeeker6You need to play on Urban Central. Can no longer be done in Utopia Coliseum.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 20 Dec 20 at 01:27