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Complete a level without being hit

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21 Feb 2016 21 Feb 2016
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Easiest method

Since the patch, Melee kills and hitting orange and green crates do not matter. Therefore using your gun is allowed.

So... Use your gun. And here's the best part. Your gun charges with time. So if you just sit there your gun will recharge.

Play 1-1 on easy. You still need to block a few, but groups close together of up to five can be killed with a full gun charge.

Know the numbers. And spawns.

Starts with 4. 1. 4. 4. 2 sets of 3 (if you stand back right against the red shield one set of 3 will spawn) wait to recharge and then kill the next set of 3. Then 5. Three will be in front wih two behind. Gun only usually kills the first three so be ready to block the other two or block one and Melee the other. Then 3. Then 5. wait for all to clump and run far back to where you turned and shoot. 4. 2. Stay at the top and finish.

Most important. Be patient for the gun to reload the whole amount. You never know when you will need that extra bullet.

I would like to thank Titeuf, who showed me that the gun recharged.

pS. On another play through there were a set of 3 followed by 5. I think I ran too far forward while triggering the first three. Try not to run too far forward and learn the trigger points.
JayD101This does work but it takes quite a while to recharge your gun. What works best is a combination of deflecting shots and using your gun at points you find tough. Also make sure not to try and melee enemies if they surround you. It's very easy to think you kicked all their butts and not notice you have been hit as a single punch on easy won't noticeably reduce your health. You might see a slight red flash on your health bar if you are looking at the right time but it's easy to miss. Always run away, deflect and only attack the last guy in a group if you want.

That said, if you do exactly as Kanch says and wait for your gun to replenish all energy, you gotta be patient lol, but you can then shoot them all no worries. Still the occasional guy will get a shot off so be ready. Also remember you need your energy to block so if you use it all shooting and there is a guy left it will damage you even if you see your shield on! That screwed me a few times.

Thanks for letting us know about the patch man cheers!
Posted by JayD101 on 21 Feb 16 at 11:51
DalimbakWouldn't have got done without recharge. Cheer bro
Posted by Dalimbak on 21 Feb 16 at 21:51
ChaosAlertSo much easier if you let the gun recharge after each battle. Got it first try. +1
Posted by ChaosAlert on 22 Feb 16 at 17:01
FirstParasiteJust think I should mention that if you accidentally pick up health you won't get the achievement. Happened to me earlier! Fortunately I was less clumsy the next time!!!
Posted by FirstParasite on 01 Mar 16 at 18:51
I like the hint, so used a gun and some refletes, not got life, and not achievement unlocks: / does anyone know what to do?
Posted on 21 Mar 16 at 04:46
I8ITackyticsI8IGot no health, did not get hit and this didn't unlock. Furious! Took half an hour and used the gun if anyone wants to know how long it takes. My gun is upgrade level 2.
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 18 May 16 at 20:01
I8ITackyticsI8IGot it on my second try. This time I made sure to scrutinise my health bar by getting really close to the screen to check between battles. I also used a YouTube video to know what enemy pattern was coming next. Not sure if it's needed but I also waited for my gun energy to restore before finishing the level. Took 27 minutes to beat. Thank you! Currently my best ratio achievement!
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 18 May 16 at 20:26
Kanchanaburigreat job! Just wait until you attempt Hard.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 18 May 16 at 22:58
ChucklestyleTook me a couple of tries but gunning was better than trying to reflect everything for me. Some notes:

Very first group you can skip the cinematic with Y then open fire immediately.
The first wide open area you can hug the left barrier to prevent the 2nd spawn and recharge, as stated above, but be careful, as moving forward even a hair will trigger the spawn.
The enemies at the checkpoint are invulnerable until you trigger the checkpoint. My first run I tried to roll away after waking them but got shot. Shooting them the instant I triggered the checkpoint seemed to work.
Every other group I would generally move away while they're spawning, block until the first one fires, then shoot them down. Be careful not to be too close when you fire; the gun has great range but can easily miss up close. I had at least one run tanked because an enemy was just outside the cone of fire.
Posted by Chucklestyle on 26 Jul 16 at 20:31
AlbinoKidELITEI've got a horrible feeling the patch this has been broken by a patch again, I did it perfectly 3 times this way tonight for no achievement cry
Posted by AlbinoKidELITE on 15 May 17 at 20:29
Kovy88It works fine. If you play through the DLC, you get to fully upgrade your gun if it already wasn't fully upgraded. Then the mobs die with 2 hits from the gun with plenty of energy to spare. I also hit all kinds of containers, but never picked up a health orb, and it unlocked in the end.

You can retreat to specific angles if you know when the mobs will stand after they appear, then unleash the gun and hit all of them. And if you can't get that right, you can block the first gunshot, the start gunning, as almost never will more than one guy shoot at you at the same time.
Posted by Kovy88 on 20 Jul 17 at 14:12
KiRRAYNEThanks for the updated solution!
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 20 Oct 17 at 14:16