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Use the Standard or Accelerato Boost with Octane or Backfire while playing in Urban Central

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21 Feb 2016
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Before attempting this achievement both the Accelerato and one of the original battle-cars must be unlocked which are: Octane, Zippy, Scarab and Backfire. These will all have unlocked by playing enough matches.

Once the car and the accelerato boost trail have been equipped, the match must be set up. This can be done by chance with this set-up however it'd be easier to set the game up yourself.

Go to Exhibition match and set the map to Utopia Coliseum - as this has been proved to work. You can also remove the mutators and remove bots to make life easier.

Once this has been set up, simply start the game and boost (cn_RT + cn_B).

The achievement didn't pop for me until a goal was scored so give it a minute to unlock. If it doesn't, check your car configuration.

Check out this video for an explanation and demonstration of how to unlock the achievement.