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Possess 300 or more Ore.

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To unlock this achievement, you need 300 or more Ore. This is only possible by choosing the Iron Hunger fate when you're building your deck.

One way of getting this, is by playing the Queen of Skulls level. Compared to Endless, you have a finite number of floors, but there's a certain advantage to that: if you didn't get it that time, just try again. A single run takes one, maybe one and a half hours, tops and you'll never really have to finish the final floor anyway.
Getting gear and smelting momentum is easier, too, since you can control the cards that appear.

Make sure that you have most, if not all, of the gear from the base game, including the Dragon Relics: except for the Artifact, these items smelt for 8+ ore a piece. The helms from the Wildcard Fates are not necessary for this achievement, though if you can replace a base game helm with DLC one that gives more Ore when smelted, then by all means, do so. You'll only be using your base equipment: you'll be smelting the rest.

The only Encounter you'll really need, is the Soul Gem. This can be gotten from the Fire In The Deep encounter. You can get Fire In The Deep after defeating the Queen of Plague. The quest line is as follows:
Fire In The Deep: Choose 'Attack the creatures immediately!' and beat the golems for the token
Golem Hunting Party: have these three in your deck and beat all three parties to unlock the token
Summoned: If I remember right, you'll have to fight here to protect the summoner. Do so, and you'll get the token
Dark Crystal: I don't remember doing anything special here, either. If you have to make a choice, agree to go searching for the Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal, Pt 2: Choose to defeat the five Lava Golems
You now have the Soul Gem encounter.

Last, but not least: defeat the King of Scales. This will place small piles of gold on the map, and give you some upgrades for you to smelt at the start of the session. It also gives you the Fine Sword and shield. While not the best gear, the sword's speed will make up for the lack of special abilities.

Deck suggestion - Equipment
01. Scorching Zeal
02. Life's Limb
03. Desperate Measures
04. Undead's Bane
05. Mortal Whimsy
06. Skeleton King's Sword
07. Thunderstrike
08. Blood Crescent
09. Dragon Tongue
10. Kraken Claw
11. Huge Hammer

12. Emperor's Jewel
13. Dragon Shield

14. Mithril
15. Dragon Armour
16. Occult Reflection
17. Wilderness Armour
18. Forbidden Armour
19. Depth of Night
20. Armour of Cold
21. Chains of Rage

22. Dragon Helm
23. Clairvoyant Helm
24. Fate's Folly
25. Helm of Reflection
26. Oracle's Diadem

27. Mercenary Contract
28. Consuming Shame
29. Lightning Crash
30. Folded Steel
31. Spirit Walk
32. War Cry

Don't put in any rings: you can't smelt rings and they take up precious space. Every single piece of equipment listed should give you 7 or more Ore when smelted.

Deck Suggestion - Encounters
01. Soul Gem: Required! Removes a random curse for 5 food
02. Battle Practice: usually gives gold upon completion
03. Desert Cult: You could combat for Gain cards
04. Noble Trader: you could sell an item that gives a low amount of ore for decent gold
05. Field of Poppies: only useful if Metal Ore and Field of Poppies are on the same level. Allows you pick up Metal Ore twice for 150 ore
06. Marketplace: sometimes, you can sell your food.
07. Treasure Chest
08. Summoned: the combat usually gives a few gain cards
09. The Maiden: ask for gold
10. Metal Ore
11. Desert of the Damned: sell the coffin
12. Trading Post: you could trade food for some gear
13. Loan: Usually gives you more than you put in
14. Shop: Gives goodies when you land on it. Do not buy from this shop
15. Devil's Choice: usually an easy combat, gives Gain cards
16. Tavern Wager: bet for gold, hope for more gold
17. The Kraken Unleashed: smelt the mask
18. Cave Rescue: kill the pirates for Gain cards
19. Cave Shelter: charge in there and kill the bad guys for goodies
20. A Winding Trail
21. Angry Guild Master: steal from him
22. The tavern: help him find the ship: you might get some good stuff. Don't kill him, but share the treasure to prevent getting 3 curses / pain cards
23. Stranger in the Shadows: try to get as much gold out of this as you can. There's a 25% chance of failing so you have excellent odds for 10 gold per bite
24. Sunken Treasure: can net you ore or gold, but it's a bit of a gamble. You have five attempts, more if you find mermaids
25. Dead King's Hall
26. Maze of Traps
27. Battle at Brooktop
28. Deadman's Gorge
29. A Merchant's Favour. You can go either way: gear to smelt or 100 gold at the cost of 50% max health.
30. Ghost of the Sea: use the dashboard trick until she gives 25 Ore
31. The Crucible: might give you some cash *
32: Wife's Fury: gives gear

* If you have the Royal Treasury card (obtainable from the Warlord Fate), you can use that one instead of the Crucible. There's a 25% chance for 100 gold and two pieces of equipment, which is better than the results of the Crucible. If you fail, you can always use the dashboard trick. Thanks to BOLD GAMER for the suggestion!

As I mentioned: you'll be playing the Queen of Skulls. This level has two curses:
1. Haunted: every time you buy an item, you'll get a curse
2. Merchant's Guild: all shops offer items at a cheaper price

Basic strategy
The basic idea here is to amass as much gold as you can and to buy out the dealer's shops every chance you get. The curse does NOT count for the Shop you put in the deck: this shop offers the items at the usual price. Only shop at the dark blue tinted shops because only these shops have reduced prices.
To prevent getting thoroughly cursed, you have to encounter the Soul Gem and use food to remove a random curse. Use the dashboard trick until it removes the Haunted curse. You can now buy items freely at reduced prices. Smelt everything you buy and you'll get a lot of Ore, quickly. Prices are around $20 per piece of equipment.

Additional tips
When you find Metal Ore you'll get 75 Ore. If you're really lucky, you'll have a Field of Poppies on the same floor, which will allow you get Metal Ore twice, netting you 150 Ore.

If you're lucky, you might be able to buy the Mercenary Contract artifact. If you do buy it, use it four times in crowded combat to gather some extra gold. I managed to collect an extra 100 gold in a single battle this way.

If you encounter Loan and he requests 10 or 20 Gold, give it to him. With such low numbers, the returns are always good.

Most of the cards in the encounter deck either give you Gain or Equipment cards immediately, or give you combat situations which, in turn, give you Equipment or Gain cards. More gear means you'll need less gold. There are some cards in there that are gambles, such as Sunken Treasure. It might work out, it might cost you gold.

Also, use the dashboard trick liberally to cross the map cheap as you can. For instance, when you get the + shaped map, you can, theorically, reach the next floor in a single step. It'd be a shame if you needed all seven steps just to reach the exit.
Also, the Ring of Hindsight allows you to see the entire map when you find the exit, so if the game reveals an interesting encounter upon reaching the exit, you can dashboard out, quit, reload and do that encounter before you move to the next floor, saving you some ore.
On larger maps, you'll have to make a decision: is the detour worth the Ore cost and the potential Gold / Ore gain? Metal Ore is always worth the detour, but for every other situation, you'll have to make a decision.

Same goes for the maps which force you to make a choice because the exit could be down or left, or up or right. I tend to pick the shortest path first, unless I know the exit isn't there (e.g.: there's a shop there). If the last encounter is not the exit and it's not helpful, then I dashboard out and start going in the other direction. This saves two steps.

Other maps have a single encounter left and down, but the path continues to the right. In that case, check the left encounter. Does it give you gold or gear? Great, grab it and check the bottom encounter. Is it useless? Then dashboard out and check the bottom encounter and skip the left one. Do the same with the bottom encounter, then continue your path.

Don't fight the Queen of Skulls, as that will end your run.

Last, but not least: you can attempt this without the Soul Gem, but there's a chance you'll get the Midas Curse. This will immediately turn all your Food or Iron Ore into gold. You might also get Haunted a second time, which will give you two curses per item, which in turn increases your chance to get the Midas Curse.

Good luck!
BOLD GAMERThankyou for this alternate solution! Much easier than the main solution! This, hands down, is the hardest achievement in the game. I prefer this solution to the other because this solution is calculated the best for success! The other one took lots of luck to be successful. I think I may have gotten a little lucky pulling clairvoyant helm at the beginning along with guardians blessing. Those two helped me take advantage of the sunken treasure card. The only change I would make would be to swap out the crucible (normally only gives you 1 gain card for fighting 3 waves of enemies) for Royal Treasury (2 equipment + 100 gold for huge success). If you do fail Royal Treasury, can always do the dashboard trick.
Posted by BOLD GAMER on 09 Mar 16 at 07:30
UpgradePolecatThat swap is actually a good idea. I think I didn't include it in my deck for two reasons:
1. I had been playing the game for several days and had abysmal luck every single time I encountered it (even with the dashboard trick!). Took me 45 minutes once just to get it.
2. You have to complete the Warlord quest line for it.

Still, it's a good addition, so I'll add it to the solution. Thanks!
Posted by UpgradePolecat on 18 Mar 16 at 13:05
Nupra79Thank you for this method since it's more profitable than endless mode. I've used the same decks but with 2 major changes on the encounter one: wheel of gods and royal treasury instead of wife's fury and the crucibles. Those cards could give you a great gold boost for your shopping.
Posted by Nupra79 on 22 Mar 16 at 16:11
McGubbaloGreat guide! I knocked this one out yesterday before even completing Iron Hunger III. The only thing I have to say though, is that you are DEAD WRONG about the rings! I swapped out 3 pieces of equipment for 3 rings, which are worth WAY more than the 7 pieces of ore.

1: Ring of Reward- One free choice of Equipment every three battles is worth more than 7 ore.
2: Healer's Ring combined with Skeleton King's Sword is a very useful gold exploit. This combo saved my run as I got to the final floor and needed just a few more gold as I was jumping back and forth between Shops. I managed to draw the King of Dust, who heals his buddies, so you could milk them for gold infinitely if you have the patience.
3: Guild Ring: Adds a 20% discount on top of the Queen of Bones "curse" and if you buy more than 6 items, (which you will), is totally worth the slot it takes up.

The other good gold exploit I found was the Dragon Armor + Mercenary Contract, when used in a large crowd (8-12 enemies). Don't swing your sword, just activate the artefact and run in figure 8's through the crowd. Easily 140-170 gold per use, if the crowd is big and tight.

In case people didn't know this: If you are carrying the Lightning Crash Artefact, you can use it to get past Dark Dweller encounters for free.
Posted by McGubbalo on 23 Mar 16 at 14:24
TimmayThis is definitely the better of the two solutions.

Also helps with getting the other Iron Hunger cards done in case you don't get an iron ore.
Posted by Timmay on 31 Mar 16 at 21:03
TenloI would agree this is the better solution, but I'd say having the Guild Ring (again from the Warlord quest) and Ring of Reward in your deck as well as The Lovers card means you are guaranteed those two rings if you demand payment from them. I tried it once without these rings and was about 30 ore short after finishing a run. The next run with those rings, I did it first time
Posted by Tenlo on 14 Apr 16 at 09:51
Demon Slayer050I would definitely have to say the Guild Ring is of utmost importance! It adds an additional discount to the already set level discount. So, the most expensive items were $12 and the majority of items are less than $10. That being said, I ended up with 500 Ore without even finishing and without finding the iron ore nor poppy fields.
Good guide though - thumbs up
Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 30 Apr 16 at 16:07
ChaosAlertWell, this achievement is absolute BS. If you even get the Soul Gem in your RNG set of selected cards, you still have a 50% chance of getting screwed over, taking away the discount, making all your effort of building up gold/ore... well, pointless.

I think the devs need to take a long hard look at this game and constitute what 'fun' is, because this isn't.

Good solution though.
Posted by ChaosAlert on 07 May 16 at 03:06
Maze MayhemNice Guide. Just made it and suggest completing Warlords fate first and put Royal Treasury and wheel of gods in your Deck. Also put Ring of reward and plunderer's Cap in. The Cap just rescued me when I got loan and I was able to choose which gold card I want to pick..40 gold or 5 Gold might make the difference. Also keep your Gold until (if you are lucky) you get Soul gem and the haunted curse out of the way. After that go buy out all the Shops. Thanks again for a great detailed Guide and Deck suggestion.
Posted by Maze Mayhem on 15 Jun 16 at 13:57
Kez001Easily the biggest pain in the ass achievement in the game. Thanks for the tips!
Posted by Kez001 on 27 Jul 16 at 20:42
BeijingyThis one was looking pretty bleak, but this is the guide that was indispensable for me in getting the achievement. My run was mediocre with decent gold (mainly due to Royal Treasury) but little ore, and I just reached the final level where the Queen is. I was fortunate to have Metal Ore, Field of Poppies, Soul Gem, Wheel of the Gods, and of course a couple Shops all in play at once. I grabbed Metal Ore, dashboarded a few times to ensure Soul Gem took out my Haunted curse (Oracle's Diadem may be key to ensure the encounter isn't "over" before dashboarding.) Then I hit Poppies, re-did beneficial encounters including the Wheel and I was over 500 gold, even though for some reason it wouldn't let me pick up Metal Ore again. With Guild Ring, which was crucial, I could have easily smelted enough for 600-700 ore, but I didn't bother after nabbing the achievement. Finally about to 100% complete this game, just in time for HoF2!
Posted by Beijingy on 16 Oct 17 at 22:28
FuuldrinExcellent guide. In addition of the ring suggestions that I would like to see in your main solution, you should mention that if you have the Oracle Diadem helm equipped, it makes the soul gem encounter MUCH easier as you don't have to rush the Xbox guide button. In one occasion I thought I was quick enough without the helm, and when I came back to the game, the encounter was marked as completed. Therefore, the easiest is:
1 - Set up the game as you mention
2 - Whenever you come by a shop, enter and check if the Oracle Diadem is sold. If so, buy it. The ONLY curse you need to avoid is Midas curse, but you'd be extremely unlucky to pull it first
3 - Now keep playing / amassing gold and equipment. If you come across the Soul Gem, now you can remove safely the correct curse because the encounter ends only after revealing the neighboring cards, so you can safely dashboard before that
4 - Once you removed the card, finish your run normally and when you have enough gold purchase equipment at one blue shop (better if 2 are side by side but not necessary)

Other pieces of advice:
- I was tired of restarting because I could NEVER get that damn Soul Gem, so I ended up abandonning if I didn't get it in the first 2 floors. This is personnal preference of course.
- I didn't use the Kraken card because with start gear the fight can take too long, the most important is to have Oracle Diadem + Soul Gem encouter
- Try to trigger "A merchant favor" last, as the return card may cover Soul Gem.
- Rings such as +10 gold after the 10th shield bash, the one for extra discount at merchants and the one that gives equipment every 3 fights are all very useful
- Use the starting gear, it's enough for the monsters here, smelt the rest including the one that the game gives you at the beginning

Last note
I don't think you can go without Soul Gem because there is one curse that lowers your max HP by 10 per cursed received after it. So everytime you purchase 1 item you lose 10 max HP. Since there is no limit to the amount of curses you get (I got 31 and then I died from purchasing one more item), you'll kil yourself before hitting 300, unless you are really close to 300 ore already (for instance getting 75 ore X2 with Metal Ore + Field of Poppies + solid equipment to melt from encounters).
Posted by Fuuldrin on 17 Apr 18 at 12:51
MassimilianoMGood guide, thank you! And so many thanks to McGubbalo for the tips about the rings: you saved me!
Posted by MassimilianoM on 25 Jul 18 at 12:34
vSullyGreat guide. It took several attempts I but finally got it.

Restart until you get Soul Gem on the first floor to remove Haunted. If it removes the other curse, you have to restart. This is crucial.

I put in the Guild Ring and the Ring of Reward along with the Lovers Encounter (take out Marketplace and two 7 ore items). Demand payment if you get the Lovers and you will draw both rings, otherwise you can buy or receive them as rewards later. The Guild Ring reduces shop costs for everything to about 10 gold and the Ring of Reward gets you a few extra rewards from battles.

In my successful run, I had about 260 gold and about 100 ore before even reaching the final floor (I had gotten the 75 from Metal Ore), which was more than enough resources to buy out a shop, hop off and return, and repeat to easily get over 300 ore.
Posted by vSully on 21 Sep 18 at 05:57
TheCMHammondFortunately, this only took maybe 6 or 7 attempts before I finally got this one. I had to dashboard a lot on the chance encounters, which was a pain.

I did add the Ring of Reward and the Guild Ring, so I could obtain them with The Lovers encounter, but I ended up not getting that. I did, however, pick up the Guild Ring when buying from the shop at the end.

Due to encountering Sunken Treasure, Ghost of the Sea and Metal Ore in that run, I had about 115 in Iron Ore from that alone. I also managed to get a lot of equipment, so by the time I came to the final floor, I had over 200 ore and over 600 gold. Unfortunately, I didn’t encounter Soul Gem yet again. In all my previous attempts, I also didn’t encounter it. This meant I had to put up with curses when buying equipment and I always ended up getting Midas Appetite, which not only turns all your food into gold, but also your Iron Ore. I got so close so many times too.

However, this time, I got lucky. I managed to buy equipment and reach 300 iron ore without drawing it. I bought a couple more items after to see when I would and then drew it. Even after all that, I still had 480 gold left that’s cool.

I had to avoid my Iron Hunger encounters a couple of times, as they would consume iron ore. Wasn’t a big problem though, as now I can focus on them. Not the hardest achievement in the achievement game (as others have made it out to be), but still tough.

Thanks for the guide. I also used the Iron Hunger table on the Hand of Fate wiki to see which items were the most valuable. If I hadn’t got lucky in not drawing Midas appetite, I think I would have gone back to the Jack of Scales.
Posted by TheCMHammond on 04 Mar 19 at 07:12