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Time to Go Outside

Promote a single character 5 times.

Time to Go Outside0
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26 Feb 2016 08 Mar 2016
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For people who prefer Offense over Defense

Make sure you multiplier is 2.00 before you start to make leveling up as quick as possible. I used Rose for this because of her lock on ability made it extremely easy to get kills as quickly as possible. The settings I used were

Mode: Gardens & Graveyards
Map: Great White North
Difficulty: Easy

Team setup.
Plants: Sunflowers of Happiness
Zombies: Imp Invasion

No crazy multipliers as it will drop your multiplier below 2.00

The basic strategy is stand in front of the hill on the first objective and the imps will funnel right into the middle giving you a clear and easy shot to kill them quickly. With Roses lock on ability, slow and goat you should be able to rack up 50-60 kills per objective. Any upgrades you unlock later help a little but with all the sunflowers around you should almost never die. I would suggest stopping them if possible, the second area is also a great place but a lot slower!

All numbers at X 2.00

50xp per kill, 50 per assist, 50 per goatify, 50 for saving an ally (you get this often)

I was able to promote my character after every 2 games. So every 10-12 minutes thats one promotion! clap

EDIT: As of 3-8-2016 imps had their health buffed and rose recieved a nerf. Not nearly as great but Gnome bomb with rose works well too.
BegFourMercyThis is the way to do it. Easy.
Posted by BegFourMercy on 29 Feb 16 at 04:36
BeatstersGreat solution, although after tomorrow's patch it won't be as effective. Imps getting buffed and Roses getting nerfed.
Posted by Beatsters on 08 Mar 16 at 06:08
Hexa FoxI wondered why you said you used the Rose. She sucks now lol. However, this is still a really good guide. I used the original Cactus and it worked out pretty well. +1
Posted by Hexa Fox on 22 Jun 16 at 18:52