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Travel 10 miles on the river without stopping.

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28 Feb 2016
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To obtain this achievement, you'll need to travel 10 miles on the river without stopping at any location.

I simply did this by starting a brand new campaign, sprinting to the raft and had no trouble traveling 10 miles. After I hit 10 miles I actually had to land at a location to get the achievement to pop.
WhyattThrashCan confirm, the achievement pops when you finally do dock. If you crash the raft without docking, no achievement.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 11 Mar 16 at 02:44
Mama BerryI was struggling to get this in Endless Mode with a maxed out raft and constant motor use just because of how quickly the energy stat decayed. So, I'd really recommend getting this achievement in campaign as this solution suggests.

However, some tips if you were as determined as I was would be to use LT to select and replenish your stuff whilst rafting. Particularly your motor oil and also to drink dandelion tea because it increases your energy stat! Only works with items in Scout's bag though so make sure to organise your inventory before setting off!
Posted by Mama Berry on 05 Dec 17 at 06:54
CrmsnsShdwYou can reload checkpoints and quit to the main menu and still get this achievement. I did both and it popped once I docked.
Posted by CrmsnsShdw on 19 Jul 18 at 15:26