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Use the Standard or Accelerato Boost with Octane or Backfire while playing in Urban Central

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Naomi 99 xNaomi 99 x210,862
29 Feb 2016
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Before you get this achievement you need to unlock the accelerato boost. you also need to play with one of the original battle cars ZIPPY, OCTANE, SCARAB, and the BACKFIRE,

You also need to play on the arena utopia coliseum to unlock this.

So the way I did this was I unlocked the accelerato boost the second to last boost that I needed to unlock and I equipped the boost and I went on a online game it was just luck that I was on that track so when I pressed boost cn_B it unlocked for me.

or there is a easy way to do this so go to exibition match then change the arena to utopia coliseum, you can also remove the bots to make the match easier.

The accelerato boost could be one of the last or the first things you unlock but it was one of the last for me, so don't hope your going to get it first because this could happen, and remember to check if you have unlocked the accelerato boost in the rocket trails section.