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Vanquish 5000 Plants.

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SUPER FLY 1988SUPER FLY 19881,848,986
01 Mar 2016 03 Mar 2016 03 Mar 2016
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Get this easy is go to the flag and raise it get the 50 kills in let it go down and do it again you can get 1000 kills a hour doing this if you are fast
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ChameleonNinjaX this is by far the easiest method i found

For zombies using electro super brains it chains kills 40 in under a minute then the second round just let it end as quickly as possible whilst running around mopping up a few kills you need to be focussing in wave 1

For plants rose is always my fav have her maxed out so with quick reload and homing again wrecks zombies in crowds with the time slow
Posted by ChameleonNinjaX on 03 Mar 16 at 18:22