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Tasty Treats

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Tasty Treats0
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11 Mar 2016 11 Mar 2016
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This is for using every item on the item screen in your inventory atleast once. There are a total of 12 items to use. You should naturally pick all of the items up of enemies throughout your journey. I will list them then check out my video if you need more explanation.

1. Potion
2. Auto-Potion
3. Monster Milk
4. Super Monster Milk
5. Flesh Pop
6. Meat Chunklet
7. Bento Box
8. Lobster Tail
9. Pirate Flare
10. Bubble Shield
11. Pike Ball
12. Super Pike Ball

Hydrak1llerYou only need to use the 4 foods (Flesh Pop, Meat Chunklet, Bento Box, Lobster Tail) and both Monster Milks
Posted by Hydrak1ller on 17 Mar 16 at 18:52
iMaginaryyAnyone know if the Bento Box & Lobster Tail only drop from certain enemies or just have a higher rarity?
Posted by iMaginaryy on 06 Jun 17 at 18:38
Inferno118Just finished the game, didn’t come across a single lobster meat
Posted by Inferno118 on 26 Aug 18 at 09:06
BattKnightLobster tail is a rare drop from Mermaids on Saliva Island. (I’m only saying this because all my drops for it have been from Mermaids at the start of the island section where the Heart Squid is). Bento Box seems pretty common I’ve gotten max inventory of it halfway through the game.
Posted by BattKnight on 21 Jun at 10:23